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The non-water soluble clan {ReignSupreme}
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01-11-2018, 08:42 AM #2
Yosh Forum Administrator
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(12-13-2017, 06:34 AM)RoboTech Wrote:  Leadership: HunTer Coldfire xZiLe skriLLa

Core: Oroshi CloudS Mica Desty MrJimps Loki

New Blood: Benevolence Nuts

Unconfirmed MIA's: zizeL Radar stuNNa

We will never dissolve.  When our Core goes MIA, we will recruit new active predecessors.  If you go MIA without establishing yourself as a core member, you may be trimmed.  This clan was founded on newer players trying hard, and will always believe with guidance that may accomplish things. In its' early years it was guided by corsair.  An amazing player some believe to be smurf but never proven or resolved who.  I joined after when him, chocopie, and a young buck we call HunTer were doing some interesting things.   We practiced weekly together knowing exactly how each other played and only starting the best.  {RS} once had some of the best rape on the game due to this hard work.  We lost the ones called smurfs over time, and picked up our own new talents.  Trained them hard under this philosophy and accomplished a lot of upsets while creating brotherhoods.  Like most clans, if our core came active we would again be a clan to look at.  We aren't going to wait for that though.  If you haven't given up on the idea of clans, and want to help continue this tradition;
/join reign


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