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"The guide to ARC"
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niveus AC Developer
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I believe this was written by Sebek :p
I once talked to Sebek about this guide and he had the following to say.

Quote:That guide is from so long ago lol.

It's not finished since it has nothing about strategy or teamwork etc, which was originally intended to be the case as you can see at the end. If people are going to refer to this when trying to get better, however, I think I'll take this opportunity to add some general comments about teamwork and strategy in this post so they'll hopefully see this when coming here.

Often people PM me and ask things like "what should I have done in this situation?", and they'll tell me about an instance they had whilst playing. I try to answer them as best I can, but the problem is that in order for me to feel like I'm giving you the best advice or telling you the correct thing to do, the person asking the question needs to give me far more information than they usually realise is necessary.

The problem with writing any kind of guide for Spark's strategy is that there are hundreds if not thousands of different situations that a player can find themselves in, and so it's just impossible to cover them all. I've thought about ways to try and get passed this but the best I can come up with is the following, very general statement.

Decisions you make in a game depend upon all of the different variables of that game. The smartest players are the ones who can consistently keep track of as many of these variables as possible, as well as correctly interpret what the status of those variables (and as such the combination of those states) are telling them to do. Examples of the different variables include things like;

Your own health
Teammates health
Opponents health
Your specials
Your teammates specials
Opponents specials
Number of teammates on the field
Number of opponents on the field
Field position
Who is respawning, when are they respawning
Score of game
Importance of game (Pub go, reg season, playoffs, finals?)
Time remaining in game
Are you currently the offensive or defensive team
What is the play that just previously occurred (did you just have to clear your own base?)

As well as more, but you get the picture. Your job when making a strategic decision is to, like I said earlier, know as many of these variables as you can and then correctly assess what it is they are telling you to do. In this post I can't tell you what you should do for every possible state of each variable, but at the very least you know what kinds of things you should be thinking about.

Also, this isn't just good strategy for GO, it's good strategy for any CTF game on Spark period. You just bend and adapt things based upon the map.
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