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Some Thoughts After Being Away For A Couple Weeks
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11-04-2014, 07:45 PM #1
tengo Veteran
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First thought: Why is Springguy competing with ReV for the most useless pilot in AC?

Backstory: 4v4 Insight, my team getting demolished. Why? Springguy wants to grab the flag in the middle and eat every single laser that is thrown at him, while causing a 2v1 on one of the sides. To Springguy, basic strategy in Insight consists of allowing your team to get raped because the only thing that matters is getting the flag closer to the flagholder. After the first loss, I tell him not to do it. This simple request doesn't go through - he goes for the flag again and fucks all of us. Second time, another request, ignored once again. Third request, his response is "stfu" and "fuck you", while he goes for the flag again. Why? Why would a CTA-Ref and AC-Developer with administrative privileges continue to ignore advice from a top player in the game, while the rest of the team also tells him the same thing? Why can't this moron learn? It can only be that he enjoys griefing and ruining games more than making them competitive.

Bonus post-game log:

[2:37:05 AM] niveus : i agree with tengo to be quite honest... if your whole team is asking for you to not do something and you respond with "stfu" or "fuck yous" and then continue to do that action
[2:37:07 AM] niveus : thats pretty lame
[2:37:15 AM] niveus : whether it is classified as griefing or not
[2:37:19 AM] springguy : dip, it was just you and tengo
[2:37:26 AM] niveus : venture was asking you too
[2:37:32 AM] tengo : our entire team was telling you
[2:37:34 AM] tengo : not to grab
[2:37:50 AM] tengo : the green team isn't going to agree because they benefit off your mistakes
[2:37:52 AM] niveus : the reason we were asking is because while you did that, we were getting 4on3ed
[2:37:57 AM] springguy : grabbing flag is common strategy in there
[2:37:59 AM] niveus : but no biggy, cheers for the teamwork mate
[2:38:03 AM] V3nture : honestly when you grabbed we got destroyed so that strategy was not working
[2:38:12 AM] springguy : and saying you got 4 on 3'd is not honest
[2:38:16 AM] tengo : springguy that's what you don't understand
[2:38:19 AM] springguy : as people were shooting at me with flag
[2:38:24 AM] tengo : grabbing the flag is the opposite of strategy
[2:38:28 AM] tengo : you dont grab the flag
[2:38:42 AM] Castiel : lol rev all over again

Why does Springguy argue with his entire team on what's strategy in Insight? When everyone around you says you smell like shit, you should probably take a shower, right? According to Springguy, it's basic strategy to be a walking piece of shit. It attracts flies, who cares about making the people next to you suffer!

It gets better:

[2:38:45 AM] tengo : why are you even trying to argue?
[2:38:49 AM] springguy : thanks lugz
[2:38:51 AM] tengo : you know im 10x better than you?
[2:38:59 AM] tengo : you know our entire team is telling you not to grab?
[2:39:04 AM] springguy : your a moron tengo
[2:39:07 AM] tengo : why would you argue with someone who knows how to play the game?
[2:39:10 AM] tengo : how stupid can you be?
[2:39:16 AM] PitchblackItalia : Tengo seriously
[2:39:19 AM] tengo : are you going to argue with your doctor?
[2:39:23 AM] tengo : im your fucking doctor
[2:39:23 AM] springguy : tengo, ive been playing longer than you
[2:39:24 AM] niveus : lol
[2:39:26 AM] tengo : don't argue with me
[2:39:33 AM] tengo : you have a brain disease that makes you stupid
[2:39:36 AM] Cartman : ok springguy/tengo
[2:39:41 AM] Cartman : lets talk about this in the ctastaff lobby plz
[2:39:43 AM] tengo : accept it and work on your mistakes
[2:39:49 AM] Castiel : shut up cartman
[2:39:52 AM] Cartman : ur both refs, talk about ur qurrels there
[2:39:52 AM] springguy : tengo your a hothead and a moron
[2:40:03 AM] springguy : you think your superior

[2:40:08 AM] PitchblackItalia : hahaha wow Tengo, you're so brilliant can you teach me life
[2:40:09 AM] Cartman : i like u both but when yall act like this it reflects on us all ;/
[2:40:09 AM] springguy : your not

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT! Springguy's argument is that he's been playing longer, yet he's one of the most useless players in the game. He doesn't want to admit he's wrong, even though everybody is telling him. He thinks he's correct because he's been playing longer. Not only is this moronic and an invalid argument, he also goes on to prove he's incapable of writing in English.


Second thought: Why is PitchBlackItalia given special treatment because he chooses to swallow cock?

I'd like to return to the end of the last log, in which PB chose to open his mouth and get personal when nobody was talking to him:

[2:40:08 AM] PitchblackItalia : hahaha wow Tengo, you're so brilliant can you teach me life

Now it's well known that PitchblackItalia is a cock-sucking moron who likes making birthday videos for 12-year olds on Minecraft. This is completely true and that's fine. But if PitchblackItalia wants to take an AC-related argument and make it personal, then that's his decision and he should have to deal with the repercussions.

[2:42:26 AM] tengo : btw pbi
[2:42:29 AM] Cartman : when i play call of duty, if i hate my team i cant spectate/pause the game and argue about it
[2:42:30 AM] V3nture : well you obviously not drunk enough
[2:42:31 AM] tengo : did you call me a little kid earlier
[2:42:34 AM] Cartman : you suck it up and take the loss like aman
[2:42:37 AM] V3nture : lol
[2:42:38 AM] PitchblackItalia : I had a rough day at Minecraft so I drank tonight
[2:42:46 AM] Cartman : lol
[2:42:50 AM] Castiel : ol u guys
[2:42:50 AM] DarkEvil : lol
[2:42:53 AM] PitchblackItalia : Yes Tengo I called you a little kid, turning 12 right?
[2:42:53 AM] Castiel : love u
[2:42:58 AM] tengo : then why dont you make a birthday video for me in minecraft you dumb cock sucking moron

Now by saying this, did I make any of it up? No. PitchBlackItalia loves sucking cock, is a moron, and he makes birthday videos on Minecraft. According to him, I'm 12, therefore I want a fucking video. PitchBlackItalia continues with personal attacks, saying im not intelligent, should go back to school, unable to earn respect, etc.

[2:44:03 AM] tengo : if im 12 i want you to stfu and make a minecraft birthday video
[2:44:20 AM] [Armor Critical] CTA Hacker!!! pw 123 (Cartman)
[2:44:20 AM] tengo : i'll subscribe along with your dozens of other 12 yr old subscribers
[2:44:31 AM] PitchblackItalia : When you say something remotely intelligent then we can chat
[2:44:39 AM] PitchblackItalia : till then go back to school
[2:44:40 AM] tengo : then one day you can make inspirational videos of how to be a huge fucking loser at the age of 30 something making birthday videos for 12 yr olds
[2:44:51 AM] PitchblackItalia : LMAO
[2:45:07 AM] PitchblackItalia : Tengo you're right, I'm a loser haha
[2:45:10 AM] CTAVenture has left the room.
[2:45:24 AM] PitchblackItalia : That's why I have more respect than you among any age group
[2:45:33 AM] tengo : lol @ you having respect
[2:45:41 AM] tengo : having respect from 12 yrs old
[2:45:49 AM] PitchblackItalia : I said any age group
[2:45:52 AM] tengo : thats exactly what i want when I turn 32

PitchBlackItalia continues to promote this idea that he is superior because he's got respect. He's better at life.

[2:46:52 AM] PitchblackItalia : Tengo keep talking, cause I'm sure in life I have you beat, so try again
[2:47:21 AM] tengo : lol pitch, you like having a cock in your ass and mouth
[2:47:26 AM] tengo : you dont have anyone beat in life
[2:48:10 AM] PitchblackItalia : You're right Tengo I like Penis welcome to the 21st century
[2:48:14 AM] Cartman : we need a cuple more for cta, so wipe dem frowns off
[2:48:16 AM] Cartman : and join
[2:48:21 AM] PitchblackItalia : I'm in
[2:48:24 AM] DarkEvil : wtf tengo
[2:48:25 AM] Cartman : castiel/springguy
[2:48:40 AM] tengo : [2:48:10 AM] PitchblackItalia : You're right Tengo I like Penis welcome to the 21st century
[2:48:41 AM] tengo : rofl
[2:48:44 AM] DarkEvil : Your preference of sexuality has nothing to do with this game. That's the persons own buisness.
[2:48:48 AM] DarkEvil : Don't bring it up.

Darkevil is bothered that I told PBI he's a cocksucker, even after PBI confirmed he's a cocksucker.

[2:48:49 AM] Cartman : we need atleast 1 more for cta
[2:48:51 AM] Cartman : to keep it goin
[2:48:56 AM] tengo : pitch says it like everybody should be liking penis since it's the 21st century
[2:49:17 AM] tengo : darkevil he brought in the real life card, i just responded to it
[2:49:18 AM] PitchblackItalia : No I say this, you have no respect for anyone much less yourself
[2:49:27 AM] DarkEvil : STOP
[2:49:34 AM] Castiel : de pls stop
[2:49:39 AM] tengo : pbi im 10x better than you at everything that matters, i promise
[2:49:47 AM] tengo : now go eat a dick
[2:50:01 AM] — You have been muted. Reason: I asked you to stop.

Why would I be muted when I am responding to PBI's attacks? He brought in the real life card, so I responded with the real life card. Fair is fair, isn't it? Not if you're a white stuff-guzzling funny-man, apparently you are an exception to the rule.

[2:52:43 AM] PM from DarkEvil : I asked you to stop, the things you said were inappropriate, the things he said weren't
[2:53:06 AM] PM from DarkEvil : You mentioned sexuality and told him to go eat a dick, wth...mentioned that he had a cock up his ass and in his mouth
[2:53:18 AM] PM to DarkEvil : that was a response to him getting personal with me
[2:53:33 AM] PM to DarkEvil : him eating dicks is personal isnt it
[2:54:23 AM] PM from DarkEvil : Right, but his personal insults weren't offensive at all, I just read through them. He mentioned your maturity level, how he has respect over you and told you to go back to school
[2:54:24 AM] PM from DarkEvil : that's it
[2:54:34 AM] PM to DarkEvil : so because i was able to out do him on something he started
[2:54:42 AM] PM to DarkEvil : means you're going to go after the wrong person
[2:54:44 AM] PM to DarkEvil : makes sense
[2:54:48 AM] PM from DarkEvil : What you said was inappropriate.

So Darkevil's bothered that I was dishing personal insults (all of them true) to PBI, but wasn't bothered by the fact that PBI decided to begin using personal insults and taking an AC-related conversation out of context. PitchBlackItalia is protected as a huge funny-man to this game, and DarkEvil doesn't want to be reminded that he's a huge funny-man, even though he publicly confirmed the fact. My response wasn't "inappropriate" if I'm merely repeating how PitchBlackItalia chooses to live his life. The truth is, you are bothered by the fact that he's a huge funny-man, and feel the need to apply a double standard.


With that being said, I just wanted to say thanks to whoever decides to hand out administrative privileges. You must be a huge dumbfuck.
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