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Some Thoughts After Being Away For A Couple Weeks
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tengo Veteran
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No, PBI attacked me personally while you were griefing in Insight. He was trying to defend you, but since he's just as stupid and unable to stick to debating AC strategy, he decided to use personal insults.

CTA and a game of pickup basketball are competitive in nature. Two teams are competing and the end result determines a winner and a loser. There is no difference. The analogy works because in both examples the result is the same. There is no reward, it's not a sanctioned tournament, but it's a competitive game. CTA is organized in the same manner, it's not "shooting hoops"; there are public games to mess around and test things out, however you are playing to win the CTA match. With ratings and statistics involved, winning is the goal of everybody who plays. You should know that, you're a CTA ref. Oh wait, you've barely reffed any games and don't understand basic strategy, so you wouldn't know anything.

If winning isn't important, organize your own private games that don't alter the ratings and statistics.
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