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Some Thoughts After Being Away For A Couple Weeks
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I'm going to have to agree with tengo here. I played a CTA with Berserk once, and we played the same ninja assassin map with ports everywhere. Each team would get about 25 seconds to pick up the flag but for some reason Berserk would pick up the flag immediately, claiming he would be the first to get a nade.

We kept telling him how idiotic that was but he kept doing it... if I ever have to play a CTA and we reverted back to the old method of picking team, I would never pick berserk again because he doesn't listen to his team. Clearly, the strategy wasn't working yet he was still resorting to his stubborn ways.

I enjoy playing with certain individuals, gates or Bile as an example, because although they may make some mistakes, they never repeat them. It's frustrating as hell when the same person makes mistake over and over... and at the end of the game, you know that person will do the same thing next game. I would never pick someone with that mentality to play on my basketball team. Someone who keeps shooting the ball when passing it to someone is the better opportunity, or someone who keeps shooting the ball when the two big men who are great at getting offensive rebounds are near the perimeter. Shit like that just irks me...
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