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Ideas to Acquire New Players
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10-14-2014, 06:05 AM #1
Assailant AC Operations Team
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The previous thread was going off topic and I wanted to start a thread that would be more specific to what our goals are.

Everyone has ideas to improve this game. There are always ways to improve but we must focus on what our priorities are. I think everyone will agree that our main focus is to attract new players to this game. To do that, this game must be easily accessed and placed in front of the right audience.

So if the community wants to get involved and start sharing ideas, please give us insight on your experience as a gamer. What do you do when looking for a new free game to play. Where would you go, how would you get there?

A few ideas that have been tossed around is steam and advertising on reddit. I know very little about steam but I have heard mixed opinions on it from some members of this community.

Reddit is out of the question IMO because the CPM is at 0.75 which means 1000 ad impressions for 75 cents. Compare this with usual gaming ad rates of under 0.50 I think there are many cheaper alternatives where we can run more targeted ads on communities and networks that are somewhat related to our game.

Here are some of my thoughts to give an example what we should be looking for moving forward:

- What obstacles remain in the way for new players? How easy is it for a new person to try this game? I would like to see a simple URL where you are put right into a game, no guest name, just straight into a game. If they want a real name give them an incentive to sign up as a regular player.

- Where have we had success before? A directory I submitted us to is how Helwor found us. We can invest on that directory to have more exposure. The owner wanted to do an affiliate type deal where he would get paid per lead he generated for us. So maybe some kind of affiliate program?

- Reach out to free online game websites. Rather than pay for ads, you can directly approach an owner of a game community and pay them a flat rate to run an ad. They would get paid more and this would be cheaper since we would be cutting out the middle man (ad agency network).

- Social sharing features. Logging in with facebook, twitter can be beneficial in having the current and new members spread the word. All you need is one share from the right person to really garner attention.

New features are cool. But new players are not going to care about a faster way to organize a CTA. They will not care about a more convenient way to communicate with clan members. We want to introduce people to our great game. This is a fun game and its fine the way it is.

I think our approach needs to be how we can introduce this game to new players and make it as easy as possible to get them in a game and blowing stuff up.

10-14-2014, 06:33 AM #2
Assailant AC Operations Team
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If dip wants to return he will. Lets keep this thread on topic as much as possible with the focus being on new users. This community has a lot of members that play online games a lot and your input can be valuable.

10-14-2014, 07:20 AM #3
tengo Veteran
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Additionally, I think it's important that we display activity during this pursuit. To maximize this, we should implement the following as we begin our advertising campaign:

1. have a league running
2. organize CTAs of 8 players or less
3. weekly icon tournaments

I don't have the statistics, but I'm certain activity was higher while BPT was in motion. This also gave way to have more CTAs going on and more people idling/communicating in the rooms. Least important is the weekly icon tournaments, however I think it's beneficial to show that we do have "reward" tournaments where new players can be participants.

10-14-2014, 07:41 AM #4
Assailant AC Operations Team
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tengo activity is always good.

When I first started playing about 16 years ago I remember that there were no tournaments or organized play, at least that I was aware of. I didnt even know how to properly play the game. I just enjoyed moving around and shooting people. And I liked the fact that dying did not matter...I can just keep coming back and trying to kill people. This is why I think a map like smear is so good for new players.

I can only go on my own personal experience as a newbie. But I know that Franky (dramatic) and I both started playing at the same time and neither one of us cared about leagues or even winning.

When we get brand new players on here they will have their own politics that are separate from the general community. Just like how it was on TEN, WON etc.

Activity would be great...but I do not think a CTA or any organized play would be beneficial to someone that is completely brand new.

The things you mentioned are great for when we actually have a new player in our system. We need to first get that new player to give this game a try.
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10-14-2014, 08:19 AM #5
TerrOr n00b
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(10-14-2014, 07:41 AM)Assailant Wrote:  tengo activity is always good.

When I first started playing about 16 years ago I remember that there were no tournaments or organized play, at least that I was aware of. I didnt even know how to properly play the game. I just enjoyed moving around and shooting people. And I liked the fact that dying did not matter...I can just keep coming back and trying to kill people. This is why I think a map like smear is so good for new players.

There is no one to shoot if there are no organized games. Pub's are dead, only way to play is to be playing a cta or a tournament.
Alot have changed since you started 16 years ago, esport's is huge nowadays and im pretty sure that every gamer wants to win and get rewarded one way or another. Personally i would never start playing a game without competition because there is simply no reason to try to get good at the game.

10-14-2014, 08:26 AM #6
tengo Veteran
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Yes, when we started playing ARC there were 300 players on all the time and plenty of options. Now there aren't that many players and the options are limited. Most players have shown they aren't interested in joining a public game and "playing for nothing". Trying to get a public game can be time consuming and many log on to do other tasks until a CTA referee creates an alert. Another time-consuming issue with public games is many players don't have the patience to join a game and play until it fills up. This is huge, as during our time as noobs we always joined games that were nearly full of players.

CTA and organized play for us now means activity. If we can get the community to cancel CTAs during the campaign we would also need commitment to playing public games. This is more beneficial than organized CTAs, but more difficult to accomplish.

Displaying activity is important to new players. This isn't a one-player game and others are necessary to experience AC. If we do get new players on and nobody is playing or around, then they'll probably just spend their time elsewhere on the internet.

10-14-2014, 09:27 AM #7
tigur AC Guide
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Just a rough idea....... "Pub Regulation" game mode: Every 60 minutes, the statistics for all players who have played in Pub Regulation would be automatically uploaded separately from the CTA backend. The staff members might look at the statistics and make sure they look OK. If there is something like 100 kills and zero death for one player because another player was willingly sacrificing themselves for the glory of an achievement/leaderboard position, we can eliminate that statistic. This would give oxygen to the Achievement system.

This would require further automation of the game servers, which I can see happening in the near future if we put our minds to it. Obviously, this can quickly become a problem if the map choices are limited, so I would also introduce approving new maps to be part of the "Pub Regulation" game mode. This is so we can have fair games for two teams or more. Unfotunately, it is not easy to do this if the ratings heavily favor one team over another. What if four players wanted to be together against the other four players? This is why I am unsure about the role of Ratings in all of this, but I hope to see some kind of automation to keep the games regulated and there's always moderation.

The Achievement System was set up a few years ago, and a spreadsheet was made. The objective of this achievement system is to encourage playing more to earn these achievements. I know the young players are crazy for earning achievements in today's social gaming environment. Take a look at the most popular multiplayer games, and you would be hard pressed to find one game that doesn't have an achievement system to support the community. If the new players realize that they cannot brag that they killed 50 players in a row without dying once, then they wouldn't know what they need to do to become more competitive and earn respect points.

Mapmaking contests can introduce new players to learn how to create maps and veteran mapmakers (like myself) can run workshops. We need to be more open to new map ideas and create a greater variety in maps to choose from. This requires increasing awareness of new maps out there, and if a map suddenly gains traction in popularity, that map could also go into a Map Showcase article via a blog.

HD Graphics (16x16 Tiles upgrade to 32x32 Tiles) for players who have 1600x1200 resolution or higher. This is a developmental idea, so it is probably not going to happen until we gain a new player base.

10-14-2014, 11:26 AM #8
benevolence AC Administrator
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Having a league running or CTA's up isn't important in terms of new players getting involved in them straight away. It is important because new players will want to see that people are playing the game. What's the point in taking time to learn something that no one plays?

Similarly throwing new players directly into a game isn't the best idea in my opinion. If the game is empty(which public servers are 90% of the time), the new player is in an unfamiliar game with no idea of controls and no one else to play against/shoot/help them out.

New players that come to the game via a 'play now as a guest' type link should be put straight into a tutorial map. Put a few turrets on the map displaying the different weapons and for the new player to kill. Place a couple of switches to hit and a flag to cap to win the round. Then they can either repeat or exit as per normal to get into the lobby where they will see actual names of actual players and ideally people chatting and people in either public or CTA games. During the tutorial some simple text instructions could help them learn the basics and direct them to the settings tab to customize their controls/display.

Another imperative thing is to allow the players we get to be able to play. So many new users have trouble getting into games, whether it be their browser/java or embed mode or java cache or whatever. This needs to be minimized but we also need to have an organised, easily accessed, easy to follow and extensive FAQ/troubleshooting guide. Odo isn't going to be online 24/7 to get all the newbs into their game.

I agree that the game does not need new features to be marketable. If we had new features sure it would help but it isn't imperative. The most important things are to teach newbs how to play(the basics anyway), show them that there are others playing/chatting/idling at the least, minimizing any difficulty getting into games and effectively troubleshooting those that do have difficulty.

10-14-2014, 11:34 AM #9
tengo Veteran
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I like your tutorial idea, reminds me of ROTMG. Is it possible to make turrets look like saucers that move in patterns?

The suggestion for leagues running and CTA games is to increase our overall activity, not to become an introduction for new players.

10-17-2014, 12:16 PM #10
SunshineAndRainbows n00b
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this game is a joke, it doesn't even work. "LOADING..." forever no wonder you dont have any players.

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