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Niveus' first round draft picks
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04-06-2014, 08:37 AM #1
niveus AC Developer
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Hi guys, so I wanted to contribute to the power rankings and get my rep below 0 nom saiyan?

So this is my first round draft, I just want to say that I am doing this ranking in general terms of picks for CTA.
These rankings can change depending on the map and player combination in the map.
I understand many of you will not agree with my opinions, but remember this is MY opinion and I am just sharing it with the WORLD.

Lets get started!

First round draft pick #1:

[Image: nerd_face.jpg?itok=SjnrMd_v]

Drue is my all time #1 pick for CTAs. Sometimes Drue can be rough around the edges, and he tends to get frustrated... but who doesn't in CTA? This guy knows how to win in the majority of maps. If you are on Drues team, listen to the guy... he knows what he is talking about. One of the highest win percentages in CTA over several hundred games. Drue is a consistent player, and he can turn a sub par team into a winning team.
Nice work Drue.

First round draft pick #2:

[Image: Boy%20With%20Tape2.jpg?itok=T74NLsgd]

Tobias is another force that you don't want to mess with. The guy has unbelievable fragging power, and he makes it look so god damn easy. This guy can average 60-65% win rates and it looks like he isn't even trying. I always enjoy my games with Tobias, whether I am on his team or not. One of the coolest people on the game, I never hear this guy bitching... EVER.
Thanks Tobias!

First round draft pick #3:

[Image: SSB-Yoshi-Face.gif]

What can I say about Yoshi? Holy crap! Yoshi is another individual that makes CTA fun and hilarious at the same time. He almost reminds me of Tobias because he makes it look so easy! Yoshi has incredible fragging power, and understands strategy. I hate being on the opposite team, this guy is continuously throwing up good stats and winning the majority of his games. Not only does he win, but he is trying to help others win. If you haven't yet, read his guide on being decent in Hectic.
Thanks Yoshi!

First round draft pick tied at #4:

[Image: A_Snake_Charmer_Charming_a_Cobra_Royalty...195009.jpg]

To be honest, I couldn't figure out whether to put tengo or Akma first. This is why they are tied for fourth place. Tengo is a huge asset when it comes to CTA. The guy can frag and knows strategy. Tengo is someone who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty and doing the frontline work. Tengo has a similar style to Drue, it is agressive and going for the W.
I love being on tengos team, however sometimes when players are doing stupid things he tends to take out some frustration on them in the game. Please stop this tengo, lets just get those Ws and bitch them out later!
Awesome work Tengo.

First round draft pick tied at #4:

[Image: 1413890]

Another solid player, as much as I hate Akma... I am envious. This guys fragging ability is off the chain. His dodging makes me want to shoot myself, because I just can't hit him! If you're ever on spectator, follow this dude around and see what I mean. Akma is the type of player that can win games for his team but not consistently. This isn't because he doesn't have the ability but sometimes it just looks like his heart is not completely in it. Akma has the most potential in maps where you need to stay alive. He is a solid anchor and can get you a win. It is not worth skipping this guy when it comes to picks as he will make you pay for it.
Great stuff Akma.

First round draft pick #6:

[Image: artworks-000040221950-57vsdk-large.jpg?435a760]

This guy is not as active as he use to be, but he will come on and destroy other players like he has been playing all this time. I just can't let him slip off the chart and go unrecognized. I love playing with Parrotman also, this guy is nice and I never hear him bitching either.
You're so cool Parrotman.

First round draft pick #7:

[Image: Avatar__Not_Found___Inverse_by_kleinPhi.gif]

.... Where the fuck is this guy? Couldn't even find him to get a photo for this ranking! Honestly, I don't even bother shooting him... with my ping and his ping combined, it is like trying to stab someone in the dark. This guy is up here because no one can be fucked trying to find him. Seriously... where the fuck are you bene? CHRIST.
Fuck you bene.

First round draft pick #8:

[Image: image.php?u=62853&dateline=1307309378]

There has been so much hype on my boy Laernu recently, and it is true... Laernu is a solid god damn pick. He fights hard and goes for the W. This guy can hang with the best of them and is a true asset to your team. I believe he was underrated for a large amount of time but just recently he is starting to hit the lime light. Some even go as far to say he is THE BEST PLAYER ON/IN THE GAME. Laernu has great fragging power and chemistry with team members. I see he adapts his game to accomodate his team. Perhaps this is the secret to winning?
Keep it up bro.

First round draft pick #9:

[Image: 100px-70,641,0,570-Radar.png]

Radar has incredible fragging, but CTA simply does not interest this guy. Radar is a skillful player but CTA is full of maps that are small and generally overloaded with players. Radar does not mix well with this combination but still deserves a spot in the first round draft.
Watch yo RADAR.

First round draft pick #10:

[Image: 100px-0,355,0,355-78-dario.png]

Does this guy still play? WHAT.
Sup big diq.

That's it for the first round! If you enjoyed the post, make sure you REP++ because this is real talk.
Stay tuned for the SECOND ROUND DRAFT PICKS!
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04-06-2014, 08:49 AM #2
Yosh Unregistered
LOL at tengo's picture. NAILED IT. The parrotman picture from hybrids and I's power ranking lives on. I'm so happy I could cry. The broken image for bene was perfection.

Great rankings and a really enjoyable read. Dario still will not be happy with any rankings until he hits #1, and i'm awaiting CloudS to come in here and demand he's atleast #11.

If you're really going to do SECOND ROUND DRAFT PICKS I'm already going to start getting hype.

Edit: Just noticed the ON/IN reference in Laernu's draft pick paragraph. Fuck you in my openion.
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04-06-2014, 09:08 AM #3
benevolence AC Administrator
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Pretty accurate I think. GJ nice read.

04-06-2014, 09:13 AM #4
niveus AC Developer
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Lmao benes avatar is missing on the forums too. Typical

04-06-2014, 11:53 AM #5
CloudS Still n00b
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(04-06-2014, 08:49 AM)Yosh Wrote:  Great rankings and a really enjoyable read. Dario still will not be happy with any rankings until he hits #1, and i'm awaiting CloudS to come in here and demand he's atleast #11.

Damn right.
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04-06-2014, 01:44 PM #6
CLEDA n00b
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hi Smile

04-06-2014, 01:45 PM #7
cyro Forum Administrator
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Dragon radar


04-06-2014, 04:09 PM #8
tengo Veteran
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interesting read accurate rankings GOOD SHIT DIP---- REP'd

04-08-2014, 07:00 AM #9
Unreal n00b
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(04-06-2014, 08:37 AM)niveus Wrote:  Honestly, I don't even bother shooting him... with my ping and his ping combined, it is like trying to stab someone in the dark.


I think for the most part you hit these pretty spot on.. thanks for taking the time to contribute

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