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ElAsesino ft Braindx Guide
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Strategy: 2 high, 2 low

First of all, in normal situations (i.e. no flag runs, we will have the two high, two low formation.) We deviate from this when we have a flag run (we’ll break up a pair by leaving 1 person to 1v1 at base or mid while the other person goes to help the flag run)

Defensively: Rape base unless we’re flagging. The flagger is responsible for telling you whether to stall or kill, however with stalling, we will attempt to do it but if you must kill to keep from being flagged on, then do it. We always place defending our flag over getting the other team’s in that situation. Also, in order to have our offense run smoothly while simultaneously maintaining a strong defense, it is important that we rotate effectively. The easiest way to do this (with the 2 high, 2 low formation) is as follows. Since we’ll almost always have at least two people at base, one person will rotate into offense from defense as one of our guys on offense dies. When doing this, you have to make sure of the following: a) the spawner has enough time to help out the guy still at base (don’t leave as soon as the guy on offense dies because he may not have enough time to spawn and rape the opponents in our base) b) make sure that when you leave that the person still at base is not weak and can hold someone off 1v1 long enough for the spawner to come and rape, c) make sure there are even numbers at base (if there is already a 1v1 at base and you see another opponent coming, don’t leave until the spawner is out and in a good position to defend; it’s a very simple concept. You have two opponents in your base, so you have two people to defend. NOTE: This is probably the most important thing because rarely in games will the opponent only send solo flaggers against you. It’s more likely to be 2 opponents as opposed to one.)

Here is another tidbit defensively. Don’t be afraid to stall at mid. In fact, that’s more preferable than stalling someone at base. If you see that some teammates on offense have a strong chance of flagging, and you’re at mid with an opponent, don’t be afraid to stall for a bit in order to help set up a flag run. It’s all about timing and situational awareness. This is more of an advanced thing, but it’s very useful.

Once these things have been realized then you’re good to go. Now we’ll move on to what you should do once you have left base and reached the middle.

a) If base is called, then go back. Once again, we place a heavy emphasis on securing base. We’d rather the opposing clan actually beat us, rather than us making a careless mistake in our base.

b) If the offense in front of you dies off, then play passively and try to hold the other team off until help arrives. The idea is to hold them back as far as possible, so we can regroup and go right back into offense.

c) Look for the best place to go based on where the offense is. For example, if you see a teammate down low and an opponent has just spawned in that area, then go low for the easy spawn rape as opposed to going high and just 1v1’ing.

d) Be aware of the opponent’s spawns and our spawns. In the previous example, if a teammate spawned low and was closer to the teammate that was already down low (by the opposing spawner), then continue to go high and let your two teammates rape him.

Flag swaps: Make sure you go after one flag, unless it’s absolutely clear that we can get both. It’s pretty obvious but I just wanted to make sure we got this.

Advantages: People are stronger in numbers. In this system you are almost always in a pair, so we’ll almost always be in a good position to rape. Also, it helps cover up weaknesses we have fragging 1v1 wise, so you don’t have to be on the top of your game 1v1 wise to still be effective.

Also, another focus of this formation is map balance. With this, there is no point on the map where you can be easily raped. You’re solid. Plus you’re able to quickly rape if the opponent screws up and leaves someone alone (which, believe it or not, happens so many times it’s silly. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen good players just abandon someone to get raped for no reason. It’s a simple concept, but people overlook the small, simple things all the time)

Disadvantages: It’s possible that one can be in this system so long and be used to relying on their teammates so much, that they lose the ability to make plays 1v1. No matter what, you’ll be in a 1v1 situation in a game. It can’t be avoided. To truly be solid, it’s important that you be strong 1v1 wise, or else we’ll just be TnT =/. Thus, it’s important to be solid in all aspects of arc, in teamwork, knowledge of the game, raping, and 1v1.

One last thing. If all four opponents are in our base and we get a far spawn we have two choices. You’ll either have to kill them off and have our far spawner come back to rape base, or you will have your far spawner go flag, while everyone else stalls base. The most important part to this is that everyone has to be on the same page. If you’re the one who gets the far spawn and goes to flag, you need to say in all caps “FLAGGING!” repeatedly in order to get everyone’s attention. Also, the far spawner has to be very aware of what’s going on. If the other team is already deep in our base and about to flag when you spawn, then you need to come back to base. In addition, if someone begins to follow you from the other team you need to tell everyone else to make sure they know as well because everything changes at that point. You’re now dealing with even numbers at both bases (1v1 in the opponent’s and 3v3 in ours). When this occurs we’ll play like we would in a normal situation. Stall base if we can, but if they start getting too far then kill them off. No longer are we going to suicide if needed in order to not kill like we would if all four of the opponents were in our base.

Okay. Now onto how we start the game as green and as red with this formation.

NOTE: Use screenshots at http://eodarc.tripod.com/id6.html


Due to the tunnels at the very bottom of the map, we don’t really have a two high, two low formation for green at the middle of the map. The biggest weakness lies at the bottom with #4. It is the responsibility of #3 and #4 to make sure we aren’t overrun down low. A smart red team will attempt to rush through the tunnels with 2 people and rape that lone green guy. It’s very important that you watch this if you’re #3 or #4. Failing to do this could lead to a quick cap against us.

The positions up top (1-3) are very fluid. Some tips for #1, watch for the bouncies as you move forward and make sure you don’t move so far forward that you get raped. Also, #3 needs to be aware of the cross-fire. They’re out in the open the most and red can easily cross-fire that position. Once you successfully win the initial battle (when the game starts), 1 and 2 will pair and control the top, while 3 and 4 will pair and move towards red’s base along the bottom half of the map. NOTE: If there is a 4v4 in red’s base and they are pinned inside, we may send one person from the bottom up top to try to attack there as opposed to staying at the bottom. Sometimes, there is too much fire power focused there and it may be more effective to go high as opposed to staying low and trying to deal with all of that opposing fire. This all depends on the context.

Red – The top (1&2) isn’t really set in stone (it’s really a flexible position), while 3&4 are standard for the most part (unless of course green manages to take that position at the beginning of the game, but that’s rare.)
Basically, you just have to have patience. If you’re 3 and 4, a good thing to do is to nade the opponents on the bottom simultaneously. It’s easy to do. If you spawn at the same time, then you can just make it to where the person who gets there last will throw the first (or leading) grenade to hopefully force the opponent into that lower bunker, while the second person will throw a “follow up” grenade right on or by the opponent. If you don’t spawn at the same time, you can still do this, but it will take a little longer for the grenade to load.

The bottom two also need to be aware of rushing the tunnels. Let’s say green has the position of the first screenshot. If you notice that the #3 green is too far away to help or that he’s not paying attention, then #3 and #4 need to rush the tunnels and rape that lone #4 green. It’s very simple and it works a lot.


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