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How To: Add/Change Your ArmorCritical Patch
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04-06-2014, 02:12 PM #1
Yosh Unregistered
So you just downloaded a sick new patch, but you're wondering how do I actually get these files onto the game? It's actually a quite simple process and you will be playing with your newly customized game in no time!

In this tutorial I will be working with all three components to a visual customization which are:

imgTuna: This will change how your ships, lasers, nades, cursor, and explosions look!
imgTiles: This changes how the walls, teleports, switches, and general color!
imgFarplane: This is the background of the game. You can make this anything, but be careful not to make it something too distracting!

Step 1: Locate where your files are at! They will usually be where all your downloaded files go to, but for this tutorial I have already unzipped the files onto my desktop as shown here: Notice that they are named imgTuna, imgFarplane, and imgTiles. (You may not have all three of these and that's fine. You don't need all three.)

[Image: Patchtutorial.jpg]

Step 2: Select all three files and then right click, and select cut! After you do this the files may disappear. This is fine!

[Image: patchtutorial2.jpg]

Step 3: Locate your .armorcritical folder! This is done by going to my computer, selecting C:/, Users, Your username on your computer, and then .armorcritical. Double click this folder to open it.

[Image: tutorial3.jpg]


[Image: tutorial4.jpg]

Step 4: Right click anywhere in this .armorcritical folder and then paste. You're done! You've successfully installed your ArmorCritical patch. Enjoy!

[Image: othertut.jpg]

Noticing you're having troubles with your interface after you've installed your new patch? Type /toggle patchfix when you enter a game and it should fix itself.

[Image: tut6.jpg]
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05-10-2014, 12:12 PM #2
tigur AC Guide
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For Mac OS X players who can't find .armorcritical folder:

to open a folder while in Finder's "Username" folder, then type in the following:


Viola, you can see your spark patches and maps, etc.
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06-11-2014, 10:08 PM #3
Cheejudo n00b
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can someone post the default tuna please

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oTaCon AC Administrator
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