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Tengo is abusing his admin powers as a CTA Ref.
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09-12-2016, 11:07 AM #21
tengo Veteran
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It's hilarious when Cartman is asked to prove anything, he completely avoids it and makes up even more lies. For example:

- Cartman will not admit to trolling this game until I fixed the teams in his favor so he would play: http://cta.critical-hq.net/game.php?matchID=12950
- Cartman will not admit that he was muted during my last game because he was trolling. He also left early, and kept deleting the uploads. Anybody with CTA access can see his deletions through the admin logs.
- Cartman repeatedly claims that Springguy and I tried to "take the CTA away from Genocide"
- Cartman recently claimed that niveus will remove him from CTA staff because I am friends with him
- Cartman continues to lie about how he got Springguy removed, saying he had nothing to do with it

Cartman continues to avoid responsibility and act like there was a coup against Geno, in reality, Cartman just wants Genocide to see that he is some kind of loyal little child, so he can have more rewards. I'm not sure how the head ref of CTA was awarded to someone who fails at reading comprehension and basic math, but I'm guessing it involved weeks and weeks of sucking up to the right people. Until today, there is an apparent lack of refs, which Cartman seems to be okay with. As a matter of fact, Cartman constantly likes to claim that he refs all the games and enjoys having the playerbase dependent on him. He claims that people play his games because he's reffing, as if he's some special kind of ref. He's done nothing to introduce new refs and gets a high telling people he's available to ref all day and everyday. When Cartman became head ref, he made sure everybody knew in the chatroom like it was some kind of presidential ceremony and sent me plenty of messages telling me he was "cleaning up the staff." This resulted in the removal of many refs, even semi-active ones and did nothing to help promote CTA.

Cartman should be held responsible and accountable for his dishonesty, especially as a "head" ref. When he is challenged,, he abuses his admin privileges by removing games, making removals from the ctastaff room and trying to include other people in the conversation to get some kind of support. It's absurd that he continues to get away with such behavior.

09-15-2016, 07:25 PM #22
niveus AC Developer
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Not banning/muting people from games for awful behaviour due to the lack of population is one of the worst reasons I have heard.
It is a great way to drive people with any kind of decency or intelligence away from the player base.

RIP Harambe

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