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Real Talk: player analysis
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Everyone has an opinion and lately people have been sharing theirs. It's been good reading this stuff, and has inspired me to do the same. I wouldn't pay attention to the order rather than the content. It will be a work in progress. I hope you enjoy!

My Fav's!: says it all

I'm not going to stroke his ego much more. He's been getting enough attention. I can't deny my man though. I've known Yosh a lot of years and spent some time with him in clans before. He's made his own way on this game. Never really sold out for the best clan, nor left his bro's behind, or got trained by anyone who could take the credit. He's earned his spot as a top competitor and good pal to anyone. My first pick in any map.

tengo is back and in the beginning I thought he was a mess. Always rushing and eating my missiles in the CTA's at that time. He has come a long way since his return a few months ago and reminded everyone of why he's a top pick. Can be a little emo, but doesn't make it a habbit. Im proud as fuck to be building in a clan with him. He's liked through-out the community, and one of my favorite-solid-first picks in any map.

stunna is the best newb on the game. Out of the terrible 3 pack we got this year, (SkyHammer, stunna, johnny), stunna has proven to be the best. SkyHammer shortly gave up which can only be assumed from tiring abuse and an ever-again dying Area51. Finding less and less players to enjoy the game with. Johnny's departure from the game was a bit more unfortunate. A good guy, also known as StrictlyStone i believe, passed this year. Examples from stunna has proven to me that he is the most trainable person on this game. A bit worried he isn't getting the best guidance in his clan. I wonder if he will improve any more as I think he can, or become comfortably numb with this position as "Best Newb." In a toss up between smurfs , unreliable players, and bottom picks. I always go with stunna in any map.

Drue is the man. Not because I think he is the best, but because I respect his style. A lot of people find him to be mouthy after games he loses. I've noticed him trying to have a conversation about it more times than bitching. It's easy to take things the wrong way on this game, especially after a loss. Drue isn't scared to get in your face, but not retarded to do it all the time, like myself. He handles the flag like a mother fucker. If you're lost in a CTA just try to mirror image Drue, because all his moves is for a purpose. I don't believe that any one person can guarantee you a win every time on this game, against any opponent. That was Mage. I do believe though that if Drue doesn't have to worry about you fucking up. He will get you your win. Let him handle base or go ham on theirs, it doesn't matter. He will always do his part, and that's why Drue is my top pick in any map.

Q is one of my favorite returned players. He's a nice guy and knows he isn't the best. Nothing I hate more than someone fresh off the boat thinking they run shit. Qbert is showing that there is rust there, not lack of skill. I dont think it's even been a month yet, so it's very early to call this one, but I have high hopes for my man. He is already competiting with the top-mid picks on this game and being watched by several clans. Take your time Qbert, and develop on. You are in my last 2 picks in CTA and GO for now.

The Stability Factors: people who don't need to be carried. Blending of styles could be an issue, but these people aren't dumbasses.

Akma is an interesting player to me. I think he is a little more quiet than he wants to be. He likes to spawn late, so don't pause the game thinking he's afk! A lot of people think akma is a passive player. I think he likes to toy in games. All most like personal practice for the one day his clan returns? He is always trying to do damage to multiple players rather than taking a quick kill. He has the ability to be a frag whore if he wants to. He isn't scared to try out risky flags. I don't think his close game is his strongest, but that doesn't make it weak. Not everyone knows how to use akma on their team making him within my top 2 picks in CTA , and definitely my first pick in GO.

A quiet motherfucker outside of his circles. CaDF stamped. He knows the game, and there's not much more to be said imo. You won't have to worry about him losing his part in the map, or not calling out for base. Always one of my first picks in any map.

I dont really care that he isn't majorly active. Sebek's lasers are some of the hardest to dodge to me. I'll never rush him in a large open space. I find I always have to maneuver with this guy. To me that says you can always count on Sebek to stall a motherfucker or take him out. Not speaking from experience, but I think he has the capacity to be one of the best base players on this game, at this time. As a flagger his lasers could be his downfall. Play Sebek from a distance and you may find yourself gaining time, but don't think he's dumb enough to get stalled enough to hand you anything. My first pick in any map, but especially in GO.

Parrot knows the game. He knows the maps. He's not an unbeatable player, but is always a stable pick. I dont think I've ever lost with him on my team, but that doesn't mean I always lose to him. One of the best OT and comeback players. I've his team down and in trouble a lot and he ends up bringing em back. A great first rounder and one of my top picks in CTA, but especially in GO.

That's my dawg!: "play makers" "fools" & "dawgs"

Geno is a prick! Which is why I love him. He's my dawg. He will speak his mind, but keep it pussy enough to stay out of trouble. Want s you to think he dgaf, but you know he loves ya. Geno is a very stable player with map awareness and all that jazz. A beast fragger who is losing the passion, but shines in his own. A lot of people would find themselves in trouble if he took competition seriously these days, but you can catch him hitting the NOS button when he has to. Making him a player maker. Always within my top 4 picks in any map.

Cart is my dawg. When he came back I wasn't sure how this was going to pan out. He's become a reliable mid pick in CTA in the short term. There are pleanty of flaws left in his game, but I dont find him to be at a stalemate. Cartman is gonna get a lot tougher to fight as time comes, and that touch of lag he has isn't going to help you. Definitely, The Mothership's best recruit since DarthMS. You're a great community member and thank you for all the different types of CTA's. Even if they dont always work out. A solid 4th pick in large CTA's. In GO, I'm still unsure due to recent smashings I've given you. =D

CloudS is one of the youngest players these days, and sometimes it shows. That being said you can't deny the progress he made in the past 2 years. A lot of talk was developing at the beginning of 2013 and I think it got to his head. You'll see him in fights or threaten to spec games cuz of teams. BUT...I'm going to be the first one to say that everyone gets tired of the bullshit people make you go through here. It doesn't make us bad people. CloudS is on a comeback and I'm proud to say that's my dawg. Time heals all wounds unless you have aids, so lets try to give my boy a break, myself included. With a lag so questionable, my advice would be to invest in something to fix that problem. Whatever it may be. I dont think you will get any real respect until you do. A solid 2nd pick in CTA, and my first mid-level pick in GO.

I like Masta a lot. I really do. Fragging wise he has something going. I believe he can beat most lower mid-level picks if they dueled it out. However, his map awareness, strategy, and decision making lacks a large chunk. He gets it for the most part and at times makes some great plays. But anything too in depth or out of simple strategy makes him an unreliable player, especially the smaller game is. For this, combined with my high standard I have held for him. I must label you a fool, for now.

Insomniac use to be my dawg, but he is a fool. You can't deal with someone who has broken logic. If InSo has a buzz on he is 50/50 pending how long he's been drinking. He might own a couple newbs at once or make a good flag in a CTA map. Othertimes he might be completely useless for who knows why? I like InSo as a person deep down. I wouldn't clan with you again, but in CTA you are a favorite mid pick of mine. Especially, if it's a silly map. We have good teamwork when you are sober. because we both like to go for it, and we know that. With a good teammate your rape is decent. Sometimes easy to elude from but when it hits it hurts. I wish you would clean up your act, though. Wasted talent fool.

Definitely my dawg!! I miss the days we spent in MS talking about bullshit or playing whatever map we felt like it. Becoming a bit too obsessed with working out and protein fuck-shakes his reffing has been lacking quality. Put down the dumbell's and come back to me homie. You are all ready a sexy mother fucker. Lets work on your game! A favorite mid round pick of mine in CTA. Unsure about GO.

Cyro is my dawg. Known you for some time now. You got a little better this year, but that might be because more people quit. Ill go with you over any unstable mid round picks. You know the maps and their strats. Your fragging is sub-par, imo. You do well when attention is low, but when alone I want to see improvement. People think you are at a wall which you can't surpass. I'm not sure what I think yet about that yet. I hope for the sake of vision you learn to shut some people up, though. You are very close to being a CTA play maker for your map awareness, but in GO id pick you last.

At first I had to remind myself that this wasnt mEEk's father which I spent time with in Area51. So I had to take away that feeling of likeability I had for "Eek." This eek, who I too remembered, don't get me wrong, is kind of a shit talker. Which I immediately love. I think he is a little off on where some people stand on this game, but his rankings were very good. The worst thing I can probably say is that he tries to be a little too fair. Ectogon mixes very well with good players and has some trouble being that rock for the newbs. He will either eat all your shit or vice versa. I haven't had much middle with him. Which is probably why we think we are better than one another. I'm not sure if he will get any better or not. I think him and cyro need to get serious if vision wants to compete. If not then they make a great team that may have an upset here and there, but not any immediate threat to anyone other than MS. Higher end of the middle picks in CTA. Prolly my 3rd to last pick in GO.

You got Sparkinated? It's rumored he has some of the highest DD/DR stats in CTA? That fact could be clouded by the books he types in-game to his team...LugZ is a talented guy but I cannot fucking stand when he's trying to type long ass sentences about the game in pen. No one playing that shit is reading it bro. Get a blog...That being said. Your activity has been a big problem. Which happens a lot when people have good real lives. Respect points for your recent well doings. Your ARC life suffers though. You aren't the only TnT member anymore, so if you want to stay off the bench you better get active. Despite all the shit we talk. You know you are my dawg! You know the maps and the strats. When you stop eating a bunch of lasers you are my sound-mid-level pick. Assuming you dont type all dat jazz.

It's TIME TO GET GLAAZZEDDD!!!! You are my dawg and you have to step it up with these foolish acts. I don't remember you from TI, but I will assume you didn't start. There isn't pressure on you though. You can keep up with the motion of the game, but work on where you crumble on your own. You're a likeable mother fucker, but I want to see you owning with those bouncies you're posting for others. You're my last pick in everything, but its with respect. Everytime you're on my team Im glad, because I know it's in you. Next year everyone will be GGGLLLLAAAZZZZEEDDDDDD!!!!

All around fun guy. I don't think anyone has anythiung bad to say about you. You did a lot better than I thought you would in Violent in ACHT, when you got to play. You dont take this game too seriously, which is fine. I think your dependability depends on how much you are caring that day. Most days you're my top middle pick in CTA and GO. Whether we win or lose I know we will have had a good time. That's why you're my dawg!

You aren't "The Best Player On The Game" like has recently been said. You are pretty damn good though. Stable all around, and you definitely deserve the attention you've been getting this year. Don't let it get to your head though, because you are very beatable at the same time. I find myself losing to you when I try to half ass it. A mistake im learning not to make anymore. I dont know you very well personally, but I like you enough when you aren't bitching at your team. You are close to a few of my homies, so maybe one day I will call you my dawg! You've earned the spot play-maker and in my top 4 picks in any map.

One of my favorite people to be around. Never stressed or causing shit. Always a fun guy. I never mind playing with you when you're drunk, cuz I know we'll keep each other laughing in the pen or PMs. You're my dawg! I use to be able to get away with picking you last, because no one knew how special you were. Now I gotta get you earlier. One of my fav mid level picks in CTA. Not sure in GO.

The Other Guys: mentionable players, people I dunno so well, and everything else.

You are 50/50 to me sometimes. I never know when to pick you in games. I've seen you do good stuff and I've seen you do bad stuff. I think you know the maps and strat. I'm not sure when you are trying or not. You are an unsure pick to me. I just know you aren't last pick.

People who are scared of your lag are idiots. You are a decent player, but way overrated imo. No contest to my missiles. The only question is do I have enough fps to finish you off everytime. You do a lot of retarded stuff in games, but that could be a mix of not caring at the time. We make a good pair when it comes to flagging. You are a good mid round pick if I know my enemy capt can't lag shoot. In GO id pick you 3rd to last.

I didn't really like you for the longest time. I think we have a good like/hate/respect relationship going on now that we're a big older. I think you are a good middle pick all around, but don't let it out anymore. Your computer setup is shit playing at a table with ur mouse on the couch cushion. Get serious and you will get some attention. As you are though, I'd pick you last to none in every map right now.

I don't know what to think about you anymore bro. I know you know the maps and the strat. When you were active I remember all the hype making sense, but now when I hear your name said I think...What's the big deal?? You need to get off of LoL for a couple weeks and remind me why TBWA let you in? You're still in my top 3 picks in every maps, but it's fading.

You left TnT, because you said you wanted a clan that played. Unfortunately, it was right before TnT took off in the right step towards depth and activity. Now you are all most nowhere to be seen. I assume you've been playing LoL with Dario since you joined LN. I wish you stayed. I see a lot of good fragging strength and dependability in you, but I think it's going to ruin if you dont play more. A solid mid round pick in any map.

I like you most days Norm. You dont always mmake sense, but I know you're a good person. In game I'd like to see you participate in your rapes more. You seem to let your teammate do the work for you, as you watch from a far. Shooting pointless lasers and terrible nades. Every now and then you'll land something, but most of that is luck. You get a little more confortable when the opponent is smoked. My tip is to get in there a tad bit earlier. Combo your weapons to improve your Damage Dealt, because mostly you are wasting every shot. I wouldn't pick you in any map.

I think you're a funny guy. I like your lag. It's not overwelming where people can say you depend on it. You are a stable CTA player when you are active. I dont have any GO experience with you to judge in that. I'd pick you mid round in CTA, and id roll the dice with you in GO, picking you mid level there too.

You're getting active again and I like it. You're a last pick of mine, but if it were a hard call at the end, I'd roll the dice and get you earlier. Keep playing and show us what you got brah!

You're my favorite last pick in CTA. I can usually depend on you not to be a complete moron. Whether or not you hold your ground is questionable. You definitely aren't the worst anymore though, and I think that should be noted. Try playing GO sometime. It wont burn your skin like they say.

You know how to play. You know the maps and the strats. Execution is fine. I think you are way over ranked though. Coming from a person who's full spread isn't that great. You are the only one that eats the entire thing all most every time. If i jumble or try to be fancy you will get me no doubt. Low tier players dont stand a chance against you. You are calculated and clean, but I have no fear against you. You can roll with the top dawgs, but alone/up close I want to see more strength. To me, those are the only things keeping you from ranking you higher. Usually, you are within my top 4-5 picks.

You dont give a fuck, and I love your style. You will play good if you want. You will play bad if you want. You've experienced competition in the game, and I think you are a sound player. It is just a matter of what kind of mood you are in. I think a lot of people rank u lower than they should, because of your lack of care. I never know when to pick you, but that's okay. You keep on being you!

MrGoodCat always intrigued me as a player. For the longest time I had no idea he was the same person as ArcSlayer. I think he is a talented individual. With the right direction he will go far. I'm just getting to know him as a clan mate, but he is definitely a cool guy to be around. I'm excited for the future. My second to third round pick in any map. =TnT=!

You're a cunt. Id pick you over potdawg, but never happy about it. I offered to bust your cherry for you, so you wouldn't be so stressed out. I think you were scared it would never happen again, so you didn't accept my offer. Now seeing your facebook im scared you'd try to eat it. https://www.facebook.com/patricia.hogans.12
If you died I'd probably mark it on the calendar. Which is a terrible thing to say, but it feels true.

Dont Forget About!: players we lost recently who would knock almost half the active communtiy down in rank if they returned.
Bacon, ScarFace, Faur, Fight3r, Croa, mEEk, MBMA, redstorm, HunTer, Oroshi, Veritas, gaur and I'm sure much more.

The Unmentionables:
Not listed? You are either too inactive, extremely terrible, or I just simply forgot about you. If you think you are one of the forgotten then please let me know and i'll add you on.
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If our lives were great we wouldn't need second ones on this hell hole.
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Yosh Unregistered
This post is godly. Thank you for the kind words. This was one of the most well written "rankings" I've seen. I read through each one and I usually do not have the attention span to do that. Great post RiddeN. Really.

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Great write up man! Keep up the good work community.


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Well written. You've obviously gone to a lot of effort and have pretty good knowledge of the current player base. Although clearly you have little to no understanding of Southern Hemisphere players. Perhaps a Time Zone issue? Yeah maybe that's it. Dodgy

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Actually I lived in the Philippines for 11 months. Used the name Yrael because of my ban at that time. It was great. I was a much better rusher than I am here in the U.S. hahaa. Need a roommate? No, it was weird though, because they all had to lag shoot me sure, but I had to lag shoot EVERYONE.. cept bacon, you, and dip lol. I know what you go through.
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If our lives were great we wouldn't need second ones on this hell hole.
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great read! thanks for seeing my potential.... now do something about it Big Grin

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Bah i wasn't on the list . I guess i'm too inactive these days

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(04-11-2014, 02:51 AM)Fudorm Wrote:  Bah i wasn't on the list . I guess i'm too inactive these days

Ashli is holding back your AC career bruh

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