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ref out of control
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12-30-2016, 06:52 AM #11
Birdman n00b
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Some excitement on the forums finally, one hot headed member and 3-4 level headed members. not really sure about this rating system that is being spoke of, if memory serves me right this wasn't even a thing back in the days of playing in this community. seems like it singles players out, opinion that is.

reading your posts Vex looks like you were trigger happy when you started this topic without thinking. guilty all of us at one point have done this. honestly you look like you are making an ass out of yourself. not sure where you vome from or what sports you watch but in the 30 yrs of living and about 15 yrs of watching sports rookies tend to be picked on or over looked. brings me back to the topic of this "rating system", you attacking a ref because of it little childish, reading your 1st post proves it.

seems like rules weren't read or this topic wouldn't be a issue. if you cant tolerate it, then y even play in the games? im 75% positive tengo is not the only ref who hosts games. bringing the dirty laundry to forums instead calming down and talking to tengo level headed shows more than just your age, shows how you handle real life issues as well. this very behavior would of gotten you removed from league games back on ARC and SPARK no questions asked. having an issue with a staff member should be taken up with that member or another ref to get his opinion if all else fails then taken up to the chain of command.

in all the yrs iv seen tengo be apart of any staff hes been a fair sport and easy to talk to and fix a issue or two.

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