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Brief Intro and Questions
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09-07-2017, 06:29 AM #1
2Ultra n00b
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My name is 2Ultra.  My former clan was TnT from long ago.  I make very rare appearances when ARC comes to mind. I downloaded this 2 days ago.   In that time, I've been been force fed lasers, missiles and all kinds of ordinance.   I've been trolled, dunked on, burped and had my diaper changed as well.  No tears were shed, HONEST!
I have a few questions:

1. What is the most active time to play?  I"m in the mountain time zone.
2.  Is there some rule that says I need to zip my lip when chatting as a spectator, or is this at admin discretion?
3. Anyone feel like practicing and teaching me how to play again?
4.  Does anyone stream this on YouTube?

My play time is kind of random, but would like to sync it with other active players.  I did get muted while talking to tsunami and other other players yesterday, but don't know why. The chat was very friendly as far as I could tell.  As far as my personality type, I am an ESFP and I like to talk to people A LOT.  

I enjoy being around and talking to people no matter where I am or who I am with.  It is one of my gifts.  Then finally, there is the streaming thing.  I will probably be doing a few games on YouTube which I started streaming some stuff last week.  If I am, I will be on the name "TurtleDove" when streaming, which is the same as my YouTube channel name.  I would like to see a larger community for the game,, as I remember the greatness from "back in the day".

Thank you all or your time  I hope to see you in game soon and try not to dunk on me too hard, OK? Smile

09-07-2017, 11:08 AM #2
tengo Veteran
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Yo 2Ultra! Good to hear you're playing. Most activity takes place from 8pm onwards, EST. Refs can pretty much do whatever they like, including giving you a loss even if your team won. Definitely lacking the all-star reffing staff we had during leagues like AGN and APL, when stats were recorded using pencil and paper. It's much harder now, apparently. Have fun, will be happy to show you spreads again when I'm around.

09-16-2017, 07:50 AM #3
Cheejudo n00b
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Nice intro.

Unfortunately, I can't point you to someone who gives a fuck.

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