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Update to CTA - The Future
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12-20-2017, 01:45 PM #1
Genocide n00b
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Hello Fellow Arcers - Its been a while since we have seen any positive movement when it comes to CTA. Everything has pretty much stagnated lately and left pretty much everything in the hands of Cartman. Now regardless of what you think of Cartman, I believe he has done the best he can with what he was left with. Anyone in this community can be criticized for one thing or another, after all we have all played together for years now, some of us for decades. Its time to act like the grown men we are now and move forward.

I have gotten together with a group from our community and collectively we have put together a plan for the future of CTA. Now I know this community can be pretty toxic sometimes both towards the game and towards each other but there's a reason why we keep coming back. Regardless of what anyone says, I doubt there's anyone in our community who would be genuinely happy if this game died entirely.

With that said, while I still "own" CTA, we will now be moving to a setup where CTA will have a "Board of Directors" with 5 members total. Collectively they will make all decisions the direction and future of CTA will take. We will set up a section of the forums for suggestions of a sort, where if you have a genuine suggestion for the betterment of CTA you can post. The members will make decisions based on a majority vote, meaning 5 members voting on any major change / addition to CTA would need a 3/5 majority for something to be implemented. I know how cynical most of this community can be but we truly are trying to improve the game.

Currently this is how we will be structured:

(5th member to be decided)


Cartman will remain as Head Ref as I think he has proven himself, regardless of what you think of him, he has kept CTA going.

Changes wont happen overnight but I can guarantee that we all just want the best for the game and our community. As we start to take shape and implement, we will keep you guys updated.


12-20-2017, 02:44 PM #2
springguy AC Developer
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Elasesino - Refuses to allow people to play in games once he's deemed them to be poor performers on his team. Accuses low skill players of "trolling" and then bans them unilaterally from all his games for the rest of the day.

Bone - This guy refuses to play most CTA games and wishes that GO was still a thing. Very abusive to low skilled players and another "trolling" accuser to low skilled players.

Cyro - Inactive player but has done a lot to keep CTA going and maintains a presence in the lobby. Best choice on the list.

Genocide - Why would you want to be on the board of something you are completely inactive in?

I'd like to throw my name into the running for a 5th board member position as a counterbalance to these higher-skilled players. I could represent players like norml, evo, race, jimps, etc... who deserve a voice on the board. I've served on the board of a real life 501c3 non profit organization and could bring that experience to the table.


12-20-2017, 03:37 PM #3
akm n00b
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Go springguy!

12-20-2017, 04:03 PM #4
Bone Veteran
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I shouldn't even bother addressing you springguy because it's beyond pointless, but I'll just say this one last time. Abusive? You are widely recognized as a player who often trolls games. This is not solely coming from me, but a significant portion of the community. The only people I get on are people who I feel personally ruin the game. You. Your girlfriend muahaha. People like jonah and fudorm. These are examples who contribute nothing to the quality of the game. There are many lower tier players that I do get along with. Race. Kinggrimet. xyz. The skill level of a player holds no barring on who I show ill-will towards.

If you feel anyone you listed or myself are the wrong men for the job springguy, that is unfortunate. That is what it now is. I hardly have to justify myself to the likes of you either, but I have run things in the past on this game. Mainly the last SPL, which was not allowed to be run by just anyone. I was chosen to run it. It was also rather successful as far as leagues go.

While you're bashing everyone else, I'll comment on them as well.

ElAsesino - Much like me, has little patience for creatons like you. Far be it from "abusive". Actually, quite arguably one of the most "low skill player" friendly players of all time. His whole arc existence was mainly sYn and surrounding himself with players deemed "shitty" and bringing them up. Likewise, while he is known to be quick and decisive with removing players from games and such, it's usually to a select few that generally warrant it. He's been involved in many aspects of leagues and such, and has always been considered one of the more respected players.

Fiya - You didn't really bash, but I certainly won't ignore praising. He's quite possibly the GOAT of running CTA. His opinion is highly valued, whether he plays that much or not. Which is why it was suggested he be included by us, and Geno agreed wholeheartedly. Fiya fortunately agreed. See what kind of quality ideas we already bring to the table?

Genocide - Yes, he's been inactive. No, you don't know the first thing about his intentions from here on out. He clearly has shown in the last day or two he has a strong desire to steer this thing in the right direction, and he's recruited the help to do so. Will he be on every single day? Possibly not, but that's why it's not a one-man show anymore. I can assure you he will be assisting in some manner though.

This is not going to be some witch hunt to exclude players as you claim, or run "GO", which is not even remotely on my mind. If you think that for a moment, you have zero idea how we run things. I already have an intriguing idea that I will bring to light soon, and hopefully we can keep working on things so from now on they're much more consistent and organized as well.

Bit of advice as well, just for future reference: It's not wise to bash the people you are requesting to invite you into the circle.

12-20-2017, 06:09 PM #5
Fudorm n00b
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Bit of advice if you want to be in the circle get on your knees and suck the dick

12-21-2017, 06:04 AM #6
dharma n00b
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Good to see CTA making positive progress.

12-25-2017, 11:33 AM #7
Turbo AC Administrator
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I think I kicked SpringGuy out of CTA twice. Needs to take an ethics class.

Spark Administrator
Founder of CTA and Gladiators

12-25-2017, 01:24 PM #8
ElAsesino n00b
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(12-25-2017, 11:33 AM)Turbo Wrote:  I think I kicked SpringGuy out of CTA twice. Needs to take an ethics class.
Yeah, noticed that in the staff forums lol.

12-25-2017, 02:10 PM #9
cyro Forum Administrator
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[Image: slm.gif]


12-26-2017, 03:19 AM #10
castiel n00b
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Completely agree with springguy. There's no future as long as there are toxic refs like Ela and Bone who doesn't allow low skilled players to play. It was totally different in 2013-2015 when the head ref was cyro and everyone was allowed to play.

Maybe 1v1 type of tournaments would solve this. GL
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