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Bone Still n00b
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As most of you know by now, the past few days has seen much CTA drama and change. Questions about leadership and the direction of CTA lead to some changes being made. Genocide has since come back and is attempting to straighten things out, and hopefully I can contribute to that. I'll attempt it best I can along with the other fresh blood being added to the mix (ElAsesino, Fiya, and whoever else may join us in the near future). Along with Genocide and Cartman, I think we can definitely make a positive impact.

Which brings me to this post in particular. I want bring to light a rough idea I've had for the past day or two. I debated posting anything public pertaining to it because I don't want to get everybody's hopes up. I can't say 100% it will come to fruition (although I fully expect it to). I'll be discussing this much more in-depth with the newly assigned board, attempting to pan out all the details, but I decided to post about it as well because I'm open to suggestions and feedback. My goal is to make this an enjoyable and fun experience for everyone on this game.

In addition to everyday run-of-the-mill CTA matches, I would like to add a "season" of weekly tournaments to the mix. What night that would be, I haven't decided. How long a season lasts, I also do not know yet. Something like 3 months perhaps. Here's what I've been thinking thus far though.

"Season" Description

Rotating Maps - Now this isn't exactly something revolutionary, but I consider vital for a construct such as this. I've used it before in BPT, and gladiators as well has found success with it. The days of simply playing GO, albeit the mainstay of this game and extremely popular, just don't hack it. That's not the community we have now. There would likely be a large array of maps quite possibly, as well as no replaying of the same map. I think simply playing Joy over and over is rather bland for something like this as well. Currently I'm thinking all weekly tournaments will likely need to be held in maps that can be played with 4 players max per team (keep reading, you'll see why). So that does negate some maps. Four team maps with 4 players each though is still totally viable.

Prizes - Each weekly tournament will have prizes available for the winning team. I say available, because the overall season itself will also have a prize for one individual. I'll explain it best I can. So the weekly games will have small prizes for the victors (hence why teams should be no more than 4 and rules out something like bait with a lot of people on one team). These prizes could be anything from say $5 Amazon gift card for each person, Steam games I can gift the victors (they have sales all the time), or anything really. There's a lot of options here. Sometimes I might say ahead of time what those prizes are, other times it might be a mystery. Here's the kicker though. There will be an end of the season prize that is more substantial. I'm not talking $1000, but it would obviously out value a weekly tournaments prize by a fair amount. Anyways, for every weekly tournament you participate in, you get 1 entry into a drawing for that. Every win in a weekly tournament you would have the option to take the weekly tournament prize, or pass and receive say perhaps another 2 entries in the drawing for the end of the season. I would be solely funding this project, unless others wanted to contribute. I don't expect/require anyone to do so however.

Alternative Things to Consider

Grand Prize - Can just say forget the drawing and host a huge FFA match at the end of the season for the grand prize. Sounds fun, but I lean away from this initially just because it factors in skill level. Granted in a FFA match it's not concrete that one of the best overall players wins, but it is more likely. A drawing seems the most inclusive and fair. Plus I think giving the weekly victors a choice for a prize or extra entries much more intriguing.

Team Composition - Changing the way teams are made. Auto-teams based on ratings currently is the most equal and unbiased route. It would likely be the way teams were decided in these tournaments. However, we should possibly consider another way since ratings can be manipulated either intentionally or unintentionally. We've seen players use VPN or something and play with a 1000 rating. You have inactive people to consider coming back with a potentially inflated rating. CloudS would be a recent example the other day. 3k+ and he played very poorly. These sort of things can throw off teams. So what are some alternatives?
  • Captains - The original way teams were made, but I don't see this as a viable option. There's a reason we don't do it this way anymore. It takes too long to organize, and captains often don't end up picking balanced teams.
  • Tier lists - This would require breaking down the participants into tiers and then creating teams based on that as balanced as possible. Certainly problems associated with this though as well. This factors in peoples opinions, which are generally disagreed upon strongly on armor critical. There will always be claims of bias and favoritism in this regard, even if it is believed it could be done without.
  • Random - This is basically the same as the ratings, only it would be completely random without ratings even factored in. Unbiased, fair, but potentially unbalanced. Might as well just use the rating system then.
  • Self-made Teams - This likely would occur actually, but probably only once. Generally when people make their own teams, the best and most competitive players enjoy playing together because they share the same goal: win. So this would create a very boring and stacked landscape. I do like allowing this at least once though, because there is just some overall enjoyment when you get to play with the players you like and prefer rather than having teams forced on you repeatedly.

Also, everyone is welcome to participate initially as far as I'm concerned. Literally everyone. I'm not looking to exclude people because 1) I just don't like them or 2) they're less skilled. Contrary to a few peoples opinion, that's not what I want. Fudorm is welcome to participate (assuming he's not banned from the game entirely). Springguy is allowed to participate. You get the point. However, this will be a very strictly run set of tournaments. If I'm going to offer up my own money, along with my and whoever else help's time, I'll be damned if the usual suspects ruin it for the rest of everyone else. No 3 strikes and you're out. Pull some shit once, you'll be on the sidelines for the entire season. That decision will be made by the board.

So this is basically where I'm at with this so far, but as I've said, this is real early stage material. I'm still brainstorming so it could change, but I like the general idea so far. The earliest this would even kick off is February, potentially March. So this gives myself plenty of time to prepare, discuss it further with the board, get feedback from the community, etc. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post in this thread or private message me in the lobby. This can be anything from the overall structure, or simple things such as what day of the week you think would be best, prize ideas, potential maps to use, etc.
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niveus AC Developer
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Dayum, now you're taking shots at Clouds?

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