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Missing Map Overviews/Previews
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04-12-2014, 03:23 AM #1
Glazor n00b
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Currently there are images of the previews or overviews of the maps that are missing. If you click on the blue button of the map name and the pop-up window doesn't have a preview, please send me a message (here or in lobby) so that the image can be restored, like in the following screenshot.

Also, when a user creates a new map and uploads it through here: http://new.armorcritical.com/map the map will be available but it won't have a preview image. I'll be working to fix this feature. Thank you.

[Image: overviewmissionscreenshot.png]

Once you upload a new map, I have added a little insutruction (for new map makers) like this:
To test your map please go back to the game and refresh your browser with (F5). Then click on the red button "Create Game" and your map will be listed.

[Image: testmapuploadinstructionscreenshot.png]

05-16-2020, 06:25 AM #2
TripodBilly n00b
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Can anyone answer on how to upload new maps? I am sure it has changed since the last time I did one

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