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Dropping by to say hi
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08-18-2018, 05:29 PM #1
dark n00b
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Hi all, I used to be called =LN=dArKnEsS or =LN=Dark 12-14 years ago and suddenly remembered you guys. I don't think anyone remembers me since I was a really quiet kid back then.

LN Aznboi and Qosmo and I were all irl friends and Aznboi had introduced us to the clan, so we applied and tried out and got in. I still remember Mortis, Lain, Launchpad, Getaway, Divine, and others.

Those were some really good times! I don't know if this game is still alive or if anyone still uses this forum. I'd be interested in helping develop this game further or revamp it though - I'm currently working at Twitch in their software engineering team. Feel free to hit me up at newbclear@gmail.com or add me on twitch.tv/nuclear if you want to talk about the old days!

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