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Java Detection Added
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04-12-2014, 07:25 AM #1
Glazor n00b
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When the user goes to armorcritical.com it detects:

-If the user has Java installed.
-If it is installed, it checks if it is outdated.
-If it isn't installed, it will tell the user to install it and give a a link.

[Image: javadetectscreenshot.png]

and also here

[Image: detectjavaaccountscreenshot.png]

06-05-2015, 01:21 AM #2
chumunga01 n00b
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Permissions Issue in Chrome

I recently just installed this and I would love to add some tips for new users that may have the same difficulties that I did, particularly for Chrome users whom is having permission Issues

1. Open Chrome in the URL Bar type (don't put quotes in) "chrome://flags/#enable-npapi"
2. At the top you should see Enable NPAPI, it will have a link to click enabled, which means it is disabled. So click "enable" and then it will show disabled.
3. Once you click enable, at the bottom left of your screen you will see "Relaunch Now", Click that and restart chrome.
4.Then In Chrome, go to Settings, then on the top right where it says "Search Settings" type Java, this will bring up Privacy and under this select "Content Settings"
5. This will now bring up a pop-up box and you should see JavaScript. Make sure "Allow all sites to run JavaScript(Recommended)" is Selected
6. Click Manage Exceptions and add http://armorcritical.com and under behavior it should be "Allow"

Then goto Http://armorcritical.com and you should avoid permissions issue.

11-25-2015, 12:16 AM #3
travelcard123 n00b
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11-25-2015, 02:31 AM #4
cyro Forum Administrator
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