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unban petition
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11-07-2018, 09:46 AM #11
Beerus n00b
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even though wiggy trashed the spelling on my alias, I'd still like to state that: i don't see why he shouldn't play. he isn't a threat to the community.

it's actually pretty sad, that the only reason he even tried to be Tela for a few days, is because no refs allow him to play cta under any known 'wiggy' aliases (due, purely, to his skill class).

and, in my opinion, his skill class should never have been a reason to perpetually exclude him from ctas, game-after-game & night-after-night.
if his fallen rating of 300 is too high, it ought to be lowered to 200 or 100, or whatever balances him out.

- destruct. just don't self-destruct...

11-07-2018, 11:17 AM #12
igloo n00b
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Unban wiggy. There are 20 people who play. Who cares.

11-08-2018, 04:21 AM #13
Yosh Forum Administrator
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Wait, are they closing the game down?


5 hours ago #14
freewiggz n00b
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(10-28-2018, 06:47 AM)craig Wrote:  Two wrongs don't make a right. But three lefts do. I have a few questions for those involved, we'll see if we can come to a state that we are all happy with.

Well when can we get it started. The only problem it's a CTA problem. all my names are banned. and every once in a while I can play with certain refs, I won't say who personally bc I don't want to throw them under the bus. 

(11-05-2018, 05:49 AM)pacifist Wrote:  I've witnessed some of the interactions regarding these bans (more so wiggys than fuds, and technically fud isn't banned from AC or CTA, although some refs have banned him from their games), so someone let me know if they would like a 3rd party account of events.

Ok pac let's talk about it. How about in this thread so it's open and no he said she said. I would gladly talk with anybody.

So basically the people we need to talk with is CARTMAN, ELA, and VENTURE who mainly are the refs who won't let me EVER play.

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