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An Elder Statesman's List.
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06-11-2015, 12:08 AM #121
holy n00b
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(06-10-2015, 03:58 PM)Fordus Wrote:  Well hello Herb!

-Just curious, around what time period do you consider TS to have reached such technical ability?

-I agree about Slick. He was insanely potent, but not as consistent as the very best of all time. He went through some brilliant stretches though, and I think it's more his strategic shortcomings that detract from his qualifying for the top5.

-Not that anyone cares, but I think gh0st is mostly certainly not in the same class as KK or Tsunami. While they were potent duelers/unloaders in their heyday, I think gh0st was all talk with nothing to show for it.

he sure had base though.

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06-11-2015, 08:36 AM #122
puffyfish n00b
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It's hard to say exactly when, ARC just hasn't really been on my mind for such a long time. TS was good even back in uFo, but I think the period of time when he started standing out was approximately when he started smurfing as englishmime (whenever that was). He was very naturally good at the game, but he was still improving then. We smurfed a lot back then, so I think his progress seemed less meteoric to me, but he was probably at his peak sometime in TM. Of course my opinion is biased, since I played more with them than most others. I think the standard gameplans didn't really work against them. At least when I played against them, the options felt much more narrow - couldn't take the same risks, had to play it safe more often and had to settle for neutral outcomes.

I didn't mean to imply that Ghost was as good as the other two; Just that I lumped them into the same category. They behave similarly.

06-11-2015, 11:17 AM #123
Fordus Still n00b
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Ah. Yeah, I never played with englishmime, this might have been near the beginning of spark when I was inactive for a year or so. I suspect I never played with him much at his peak. My best recollection of him in terms of ability was when TBWA played against CaDF and he was on the CaDF side, and I did identify him as my toughest opponent (of course, Mage was in my clan at the time) but I think I was still better than him at that time. There's a video somewhere of one of the TBWA vs CaDF games, and it's hard to tell much from the video because of how bad the spectator view was back then, but looking at it kind of confirmed this for me / makes me think my memory/perception of his strength at the time was slightly embellished.

Don't get me wrong though, I think he was one of the game's greatest talents, and I placed him in the top3 or 4 of all time on my own list, he's just hard to place for me due to inactivity/smurfness / his length of dominance was relatively short compared to other top players.
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06-11-2015, 12:01 PM #124
puffyfish n00b
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true enough!

we did smurf a LOT back then. To borrow a league of legends buzzword, much of the ARC community felt very toxic. All I ever wanted TM to be was just a bunch of friends who enjoyed playing together.

that's enough reminiscing for me, I'm going to return to the shadows. If BadGuy still plays, someone please tell him he sucks.

06-13-2015, 11:05 AM #125
Dzaaneez n00b
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Toughshot must have reached a peak a little after that APL... for those months he seemed pretty similar to Mage to me. (But it was all scrims and pub GOs.)

Nano was the most frustrating player I played against competitively. He didn't seem to take consistent damage and he was virtually impervious to grenades from distance. It never felt fair but I don't think it was his fault, just bad game design (and perhaps moments of packet loss?) He had superb distance shooting and awesome spreads. I wish we could see first-person video from his perspective because we'd know how well he was actually dodging and how badly people were missing him. I don't remember him being as good close range but others probably know better than me. Not like getting close was possible anyway.

06-13-2015, 11:18 AM #126
Fordus Still n00b
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here's the video. https://vimeo.com/90909009

06-13-2015, 11:19 AM #127
Bone Still n00b
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Toughshot's peak was so short lived, because he rarely played when he was at his best. His most active stretch I believe when he was playing at a high level was the APL vs Mage/TBWA. If I recall correctly too, I believe Mage said after TBWA had beat CaDF in the finals that, in his opinion, Toughshot was the hardest opponent he had ever played against.

Afterwards he was in TM but didn't really play in that league they won. Which benefited all the other teams since TM still ended up winning with Meek, when they could have had toughshot in the lineup instead.

07-02-2015, 03:24 AM #128
shizlanski n00b
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I dont know who Elder is so I have to ask where do these people show up?

ZzzZSnore, Iginest, Chronic, MooCow, mazaru, Einhander, Hroth, Wizard(wizzy), Baron(ZULU), Silvercrow, Puffy, random TBWA members, The guy who was always with Murder.. I think he was named Slayer. (The clan was DL?)

My former names were
My former names were, Dragone, Hennessy and a few other names I forget.
I was never that good but I played in a few APLs (older ones, UAL, MLAs) and I started various clans.

Now that I think about it.. Slayer was a smurf account shared right?
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