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I would like to play please.
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11-25-2018, 03:00 PM #1
Fudorm n00b
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For some reason I went from being able to participate in non Cartman / Ela games to now not even being able to play at all. My names (Fudorm and ripperr) no longer work, so someone sent me robo info since we are the same rating. and now his account is banned also. Who can fix my fudorm and ripperr accounts? 

The other day I was talking reasonably and discussing a few things with Astrok, the next morning I wasn't able to access either my Fudorm or Ripperr account. Fudorm's account doesn't show servers when I log in. and /refresh does nothing. And Ripperr it says "The account doesn't exist.

Any idea how i can continue to play the game I started when I was 13 in 1999? I've played and enjoyed this game for nearly 20 years and I'd like to continue. Thanks.


11-25-2018, 04:05 PM #2
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Who are you?

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