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New Assassin Map: Kennedy
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04-16-2014, 09:38 AM #1
Dario Still n00b
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Map Name: Kennedy.map
Game Mode: Assassin
Overview: Click Here

I designed this map for 4v4 play optimally, but it will likely work anywhere from 3v3 to 6v6 maybe. Some of the important features include:
  • President's ship speed is the same as everyone else on the map.
  • Grenades charge at nearly 3x the normal rate but do half the damage and use half the energy of normal grenades.
  • 8 lasers will produce a kill on a non-flagger (as opposed to 9 at normal damage).
  • President's ship receives less damage from lasers and bouncies than normal ships such that 1 more of each is required for a kill.
  • President's ship receives double the health bonus for a kill.
  • Dynamic holding time of 1.125 seconds per player present with a minimum holding time of 7 seconds and a maximum of 13. (4v4 play will yield a pen time of 9 seconds)

Given all of these features, the map is designed such that the president will have the option of playing on the front lines with the rest of the team or staying safe in the back lines. The task of developing your own tactics is up to you.
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-love dar

04-16-2014, 11:17 AM #2
eekum Veteran
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It's finally done Dario?

Can't wait to play it in a real game.

04-16-2014, 11:38 AM #3
tigur AC Guide
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Looks like a lot of crazy bouncy tricks in that map. The large amount of horizontal walls while the overall design give the non-flagger a lot of choices to move around. I am curious about how the flagger will be forced to throw nades considering the charge rate is 3x. I look forward to playing it sometime.

04-16-2014, 08:13 PM #4
benevolence AC Administrator
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I really like the idea of trying to change the President's role into one that is more offensive and strategic(without just giving them nukes). Giving them equal agility(speed), greater firepower(grenades) and reward for good attacking play(health bonus) will not only make the role of President more versatile, it will make it the most important role on the team, as it should be.

I can already visualise situations in which a President is retreating after his team has died, using grenades and picking off smokers, giving him a chance(if he is good enough) to survive alone until his team respawns.

On the flipside I can see a team who is down in a match using the President as an extra player on the frontline to try to get the advantage and bring the game back in their favour.

Looking forward to testing the map, nice work Dar.

P.S. Did you just remove a bunch of walls from BFD? Dodgy
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04-17-2014, 11:12 AM #5
Blueprint n00b
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(04-16-2014, 08:13 PM)benevolence Wrote:  P.S. Did you just remove a bunch of walls from BFD? Dodgy
Yes. He admitted to it.

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04-21-2014, 04:05 PM #6
cyro Forum Administrator
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The few times I have played/watched this map it has worked well. Definitely nice to see an effective Assassin map without nukes.


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