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Who do I have to pay to get this game up to java standards?
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05-22-2020, 05:39 PM #1
A MF S Still n00b
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Seriously, this is the biggest blocker.

We're all grown adults here and have priorities. Coding a game on the side is extra work, especially if you don't even play. Money is always an incentive. Who owns the game? Can we get someone to work on it? 

I want to pay to get this game up to date with java as that is the biggest hurtle. Many others have voiced the same. But, this is me calling it out publicly willing to pay for it. If you are the owner and don't have time can we outsource it to someone you trust? Or, some resource that we can scope the requirements and bid for the best resource?

Love this game. Will it ever get to its former days? Most likely not. However, I truly feel we can have a decent steady flow of old head players. Question is, how? Step one, get it to the standard java. 

To end on a good note, if you are a pmp or have dealt with one this should resonate.

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