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RECOVERED THREAD: EeKuM's CTA Power Rankings Jan-Feb 14'
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Let me start out by saying that these rankings are obviously very opinion based. It is from a lot of CTA experience that I have gained the knowledge on where I believe each player should be placed. Who I am to judge? Well, I am a decent player who has been around a long time. If you feel that you are too low on the list then I advise you to step your game up, and continue to improve. So here are the rankings.

Thanks to my good friend Messenger for allowing me to use his intro. What a beaut.

Just for knowledge, the way the players are listed in the Tier are their spots in the Tier.

Tier 1 AKA The CTA Kings
The players who give you the closest chance at an automatic win
1. Tobias
He is in my opinion the best player in this game currently. He's a good teammate not necessarily due to strategy but because he can put teams on his back with his fragging ability. He is the best pure shooter in the game currently. He's unmatched in nearly every aspect of this game. If Tobias is in a CTA, it's foolish if he isn't the first player off the board no matter whom else is in the game.

2. Yoshi
You might as well start referring to Yoshi as Mr. Tebow. All he does is win. He closed out the 4th Quarter of 2013 with a 70% win ratio for CTA matches. Currently for 2014 he's hanging round 60% which is more expected. 70% is such a pace that is unsustainable. He can be annoying at times because he's good and he talks smack. He backs up up though. Pick him 1st. You won't regret it. I was almost tempted to put Yoshi above Tobias.

3. Benevolence
Much like Yoshi, Benevolence finds his spot in tier 1 because he wins. He wins nonstop. Right now he's hanging around 70% for the quarter. That's 70% when he's played 73 games. Benevolences lag is unmatched. He may not be the best player, but he's damn good considering he's pinging 300 and it's just as hard for him to hit you as it is for you to hit him. Take that into consideration next time you watch him take a 1v3. Pick him first in a CTA game, especially one that involves close combat and switches. BFD/Hectic/GoodCompany are solid "Bene" maps. He's argubaly the best president to have in an Assassin style map.

Tier 2 AKA The CTA Queens (No that's not derogatory, stop being immature)
Players that are almost Tier 1 but need to have a good month to knock one of the "CTA KINGS" our of their top 3 spots

1. Drue
Drue is a tier 1 player, but ARC has taken a backseat to Starcraft lately. If that chances, Benevolence and Yoshi should get worried. Drue knows how to play and win and every map. He knows what every player is going to do before they do it. He is arguably all around the best CTA player.

2. Perfect Flame
PF is becoming more active on the CTA scene as of late. He's a fantastic player. A true tier 1 player. Another good month by him and he's going to be in tier 1. Yoshi/Benevolence should be sweating whenever they see him in a game because he's going to be playing well and gaining ground.

3. Akma
Akma is a fantastic overall player. He doesn't win as much as the Tier 1 players though so I can't slot him in that group right now. I also feel Akma tends to give up when his team is down 2-0 early and start to play for for his ratios. He's a gifted player. His fragging ability is outstanding and his intelligence is almost unmatched.

4. Tengo
Tengo got active and dominant out of no where. He's a very intelligent player and knows what to do to win games. He's an elite fragger and a great team player. He doesn't hesistate to do the little things and get his nose dirty. Tengo tries to win every game he plays. He's a solid 1st pick if you lose the toss and your opponent grabs a Yoshi/Tobias/Drue/etc..

5. Parrotman
A bit inactive but Parrotman has the longevity of being a high tier player. He is a top 3 fragger in the game. He makes any team better simply because of that. Unlike the other 4 people in this tier he's on the downtrend and most likely will find his place in Tier 3 next month.

Tier 3 AKA The CTA Knights
Players with potential to win you rounds/games with their play. Very rarely have an off game.

1. Laernu
A great player that rarely messes up. He's a good combination of lag/skill. A hell of a fragger. Kills everything in site. Deadly 1v1. He's a safe 2nd pick for your team and sometimes will even outplay the top players.

2. Astrok
Astrok. Astrok is Astrok. He's played this game longer than some players have been alive. Strategically he's one of the all time greats and he's an above average fragger even while rusty. Astrok is a great 2nd pick for your team.

3. Hunter
To say Hunter is more of a Go style player is a bit unfair. Sure, he normally plays go more often than CTA but when he plays CTA that skill transistions right over and he can be quite the force. Don't hesitate and if Hunter is in your game, pick him high and be rewarded.

4. Insomniac
"Insomniac, tier 3? Okay, this list is garbage." If you say that you're a moron. Insomniac has put together a solid few weeks and that's why he is ranked so high. It's almost like he's lent his name to someone else to play on so far this year. Insomniac has a 63% win so far this quarter. I know, I was shocked as well. Pick Insomniac higher than you normally would right now and be rewarded. If you let the other team pick him right now, mid to late round, there's a good chance you are setting yourself up for a loss.

5. Loki
Loki is typically a player that jokingly underrates himself with comments of "pick me last." Loki is a steady solid player. An extemely safe early pick. Don't hesitate over the "I'm drunk and I can't see the screen" comments. Believe it or not, Loki is still getting beter. He rarely has off games these days. He's trending up.

6. Clouds
Clouds doesn't get enough love right now. Where he lacks in some areas he makes up with his EXCELLENT fragging ability. Currently I think he's one of the best fraggers you can select. Hell, sometimes he's too good of a fragger and he can vulch a tad. Once he gets a bit better with knowing when to kill and not, he's going to be a top tier player.

Tier 4 AKA The CTA Princes
These are your comfortable picks. Don't expect them to be the best player on your team BUT they can be. They won't fuck up and cost you games. They are steady players you should always feel good about having them on your team.

1. EeKuM
He is a very knowledgeable player and it's to be expected. He's been around the block. Lately he may not be winning as much and his struggles may be because he's ending up on the losing teams but he still keeps up quite impressive k/d and damage ratio statistics.. While some people put all the notice on winning I feel like you can't carry EVERY team. If your team happens to have no chemistry then a win becomes almost impossible but putting up good stats on a bad team is still impressive enough. I feel like although EeKuM hasn't been playing his best recently we all know that he is a pick that everyone is comfortable with taking. He's knowledgeable about when to rape, when to push, when to hold back, and when to flag. Knowledge comes with experience and although he's in a slump his experience is a valuable resource to any team. I feel
if EeKuM gets out of this slump then he could very easily be in the top 2 tiers.
(Ghost writen by a fellow ARCer much higher than me on this list. Unedited)
2. Cyro
If you are looking for good stats, look elsewhere. Fiya rarely has more kills than deaths or a positive damage ratio. He wins though. He's currently sitting at 62% this quarter. Fiya does all the little things right and does what he can do to help teammates out. For example he will be one hit smoking in Stronghold or Hectic and will unload his specials into the corner to help his teammate with positioning. Fiya knows how to win and tries his best to win.

3. Big Daddy
After being invisible (seriously he hasn't played in months) Big Daddy has become active out of no where and has played better than the majority of players. Is it adrenaline? Is it luck? Is it because he's unknown amongst some players right now and they aren't sure how to play him? I don't know, but statiscally he's been great and he's a top 5 in Win% for the current quarter. I don't expect Big Daddy to continue to play at such high level because he has never played this well over and extended period of time. Prove me wrong Big Daddy. please.

4. Lugz
SPARKINATED. TOPDD. Lugz only cares about two things. Doing the most damage (which is a good thing but he tends to die far more than he should) and winning. He will rush endlessly. If this was Starcraft, Lugz would Zerg rush you every single game even though you know it's coming, he doesn't care. He will pick up a flag to move it a cunt hair. He does whatever he believes will help his team win. If Lugz were a bit more patient he could be a much better player but his team play could suffer tremendously. He's picked on teams because he's expected to rush switches and flags endlessly so you don't have to.

5. Endo
Endo is an above average fragger. He just needs to focus on playing his own game a little bit more. He tends to nitpick his teammates a little bit and it throws off his own game. Tends to get upset when things around playing out exactly how he wants them to and it can effect his play.

6. Zizel
An above average fragger. He's extremely patient, almost to the point where it's an annoyance. He's very smart. He's an extremly safe pick and will only help out your team. He's weaker on maps where rushing is neccessary. He's a weak close combat 1v1 player. He plays to his strength of distance shooting and dodging.

7. Faur
Faur is new to CTA but he's picking it up quickly. He's a great fragger and due to years of playing go he's rarely out of position when he's playing. He's a solid team player and he's only going to get better if he continues to dedicate time to CTA. The sky is the limit for Faur, in my opinion. Right now he's being picked a bit higher than he should be based on name recognition and it's putting his team in a tough spot. He'll start to reward teams shortly.

Tier 5 AKA The CTA Squires
Steady mid round picks. Good contributors.

1. Ranvis
Ranvis is as steady as they come. He's never the best player on your team but he's always reliable to make good decisions and impact the team a positive way. He's an above average player.

2. Night
Because Night doesn't play as much as most players, he tends to get overlooked at times. He's a solid all around player. He's smart and knows what to do and when to do it. If Night played more, he'd be a tier 3 player.

3. Dip
He lags a lot and sometimes it hurts him. Dip is a very smart player. He's best when he can sit in one spot and defend. He's a stalwart in stronghold/hectic at guarding the corner.

4. Fr33k
An effective mid round pick. Won't wow you, but he's usually one of the better players on a team.

5. Oroshi
He's more of a fragger and support player. Don't expect him to be rushing switches and grabbing flags. Oroshi's strength is fragging and he sticks to that. He keeps opponents in the pen and that's a valuable asset for a mid round player.

6. Stunna
I've never seen someone progress as quickly as Stunna has. A few months back he was a last pick player. He's now a midround pick in most games. He's an average fragger at this point. He's smart strategically though which is giving him a leg up while he refines his skills. If he keeps progressing at his current rate he's going to piss some of the Tier 4 guys off when they lose their spot to him.

7. Assailant
Assailant is just there. You tend not to notice him in games because he doesn't take them over. It's not a bad thing though because he's not losing games for you either. He's a good fragger and an asset in maps like Smear.

Tier 6 AKA The Jokers
Unpredictable players. Can be good players but are also prone to below average games. These are still your mid-late round picks.

1. Dario
Dario hasn't been very active lately which is why he's ranked so low. Dario is quite unpredictable. Is he going to troll and not try or play as well as he can? When he plays to his ability he's a top 3 Tier player. He's slotted here due to his inactiveness and simply because you don't know what you are going to get.

2. Lightning
Is he stoned? Is he raging? When he's on his game he's great. Those games are few and far between as of late. Plus he's been highly inactive lately.

3. Muahaha
Oh Patty, you massive woman. I truly believe you have potential to be a much better player (as high as tier 4 at times) but your attention grabbing antics do more harm to you than help.

4. 20LbGenitals
Much like Patty, spends more time typing than shooting. He's a valuable role player AKA a tier 5 when he's on his game.

5. RZB
RZB is a true X-Factor, I've seen him be one of the best players on his team at times. Those games don't happen as often as they should though.

6. Masta
Masta can have great games. He can also be nonexistent is others. If he can find a groove, he can easily move up a tier or two.

7. Proplayer
Proplayer is a great offensive player/defensive player. Just based on his abilities alone he could on the top half of this list. I think PP spends a little too much time hitting F1 and than F2 (if you catch my drift) to be a solid contributor to a team.

8. Fudorm
Tier 1 in his own mind. Tier 6 in our hearts. See Proplayer.

Players are usually bottom level picks or are just inactive at the moment. If you are in this portion, get your shit together because you can easily start to move up.





Heavensgates - Tier 1 pick for Money-Regen. He's arguably the best Money-Regen player in this game. HG doesn't offer too much else in terms of overall CTA play


Shootme (Monsterjerjer)

Nuts - Inactive but I've seen him a bit lately. Someone on tier 6 could be losing their spot next month.








MrGoodCat - Almost unfair for me to have him as unranked because he's a steady player. I just want to see more of an impact from him and he could easily jump into the top of Tier 6.


Sean - Inactive. He's ranked when an active player.

HybridX - If Hybrid puts down his other games and starts to play, he jumps up to the top half of this list.


foam - Memo to Tier 6. On the move.

Atomos AKA Cartman




bertrada - A tier 2+ player. Haven't seen him in quite a bit though. If he gets active he will take his spot back instantly.


I'll be doing these monthly. Players will rise/drop based on performance.
Don't like where you are right now? Change it with your play.


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