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Armor Critical Usage Policies
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Sebek AC Administrator
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Usage Policies and Regulations

These policies will be monitored in the Public Chat rooms (i.e. "Lobby", "CTA" and "Help"), Public Games, CTA Games, and Armor Critical Forums:
  • No disrespecting of other users, harassing other users or derogatory comments directed at other users. This includes; Account Names, Game Names, Map Titles, Map Information/Details, Clan Names/Tags, Room Names.
  • No gross* usage of coarse language, racial slurs or connotations.
  • No "Private Conversation" related to sex, inappropriate discussion for minors, or talk encouraging violence, prohibited acts or illicit drugs or links to inappropriate, illicit, malicious content is allowed.
  • No Spamming, Flooding, Caps-Spamming is allowed (includes Game Names/Titles/Details/ETC).
  • No hacking or compromising of the Armor Critical products, services, or information is allowed.
  • No cheating which includes but is not limited to; God Mode, Res-hack, intentional lagging or gross* weapon/ammunition/ship movement irregularities. Whether a player is considered to be cheating is at the discretion of Armor Critical staff member.
  • No promoting cheats or providing links to cheats.
  • Follow the instruction of the Armor Critical staff and follow up with the Lead Administrator if there are irregularities between separate staff instructions.
  • Encourage and help new users by showing them how to use our products and services, directing them to any of the following as needed; Armor Critical website, Armor Critical Forums, Armor Critical Rules and Regulations or directing them to other Armor Critical-related websites such as Tournament and League websites. Direct them to Armor Critical staff for further help and information, ETC.
  • Refrain especially from acts and discussion that diminishes, discounts, disparages, ridicules, teases, mocks, belittles, offends, or oppresses “New Users” and/or “Female Users”.

Procedure for dealing with common acts against Armor Critical Usage Policies and Regulations:
  • Users discovered compromising our products, services, cheating, grossly promoting links to illicit, harmful, inappropriate content or prohibited acts will be banned immediately and indefinitely at the discretion of a Armor Critical staff member.
  • Users seen acting, discussing, or making statements that diminishes, discounts, disparages, ridicules, teases, mocks, belittles, offends, or oppresses “New Users” and/or “Female Users” will be given a warning if the act was minor and/or suspended indefinitely at the discretion of a Armor Critical staff member in severe cases. Whether or not New Users or Female Users have taken offense or not does not matter, nor is a New User or a Female User required to say anything: if a staff member witnesses the offense or any other user witnesses and notifies a staff member, appropriate action will be taken to protect ALL New Users and Female Users throughout the Armor Critical community.
  • Users seen abusing other rules will be given a warning depending on the severity of the act and then suspended for up to a day or longer if the abuse persists.

Special Cases

Baiting: If a user is performing actions seen as to provoke or encourage another user to violate the policies and regulations, then such a user will be liable and be subject to penalty equal to or greater than what the resulting violator receives.

Harmful/Malicious Fabrication: Users found providing false information or testimonial to Administration staff may be subject to disciplinary action.

In-game/Server Moderation

Game Disruption: Users who are found disrupting games will be warned initially and kicked from the server if abuse persists.

Unsportsmanlike conduct/Griefing: Users found unbalancing teams, chatting excessively, being AFK for a long duration, trucing with opposition teams, intentionally helping other teams or intentionally hindering their own team will be warned initially and kicked from the game or banned for a time frame at the Arrmor Critical staff's discretion if the abuse persists.

Game-altering Behavior: Users deemed to be displaying game-altering behavior at the Administration staff's discretion, such as gross spiking, damage absorption, teleporting, or any other irregularity from the game’s intention will be given a warning and asked to fix the issue and/or sit out until the issue is resolved. Users themselves who knowingly continue to play after several instances of this occurring risk being banned indefinitely. Please contact a member of the Armor Critical staff if necessary for help to resolve the issue when it is clear that the issue is recurring.

Private (locked) Games/Servers/Channels:

The host (Server Creators, Channel Moderators), are responsible for setting the conditions for play and chat respectively, and to select, invite or reject participants. Administration staff will only be responsible for intervening if the host requests assistance, or if gross abuse of the Usage Policies and Regulations take place.

Armor Critical Sanctioned/Approved Tournaments & Leagues and Locked games:

The staff of Tournaments and Leagues which are run in close association with Armor Critical staff, will work together when dealing with in-game related issues regarding such things as cheating, violation of Usage Policies and Regulations, ETC. Therefore, violation of the Usage Policies and Regulations during tournaments, leagues, and even just locked, private games will be monitored and may lead to subsequent penalties. ***Additionally, Armor Critical staff member's who are on duty have the right to request the server password (if required) and to arbitrarily enter, monitor, administer for Usage Policies and Regulations violations, verify, and attain information for Administrative purpose.

***Requests by Armor Critical staff are to be complied with at all times. Users disrespecting the authority of staff members will be subject to immediate suspension at the discretion of the Guide or Administrator.***

Should you feel that the action or request of a member of the Administration staff is unreasonable or goes against what is laid out in the Usage Policies and Regulations, if you wish to appeal an action taken against you, or if you have any further questions then send a private message on these forums to the Lead Administrator, Sebek, and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

*Gross is defined as: excessive; harmfully impacting on an individual; inciting another user to feel uncomfortable and to think negatively of the game, community, and atmosphere; it takes into account frequency & repetition (causes problems with one or more Usage Policies and Regulations: current session and historical); it takes into account intention & premeditation (person knows or should know that they are harming/hurting individuals, the game, or the community and he/she does so intentionally or by disregarding others and the shared environment.
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