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This day September 14 2014
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09-15-2014, 12:49 PM #1
Turbo AC Administrator
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Felt like I needed to bring some more emphasis to today's win over the community. The amount of teamwork that was being executed was so CaDF-worthy, it brought a tear to my eye to know how long we've come. For years and years, the community has always rattled us, belittled us and even heckled us! Through the utmost adversity, we knew the only way we can get back at the community is to revive one of CTA's strong-held pillars - the Mega-tournament Staff vs Sparker.

We came into this game with a mission, and that was to *obliterate everyone. We came with a vengeance. All 66 kills that I had in the game were for the 66 swear words that were directed to my team. No more will we let down. We will never ever lose another Staff vs Community game again.

Special shout-out to:

Dario: After losing the first initial round, Dario reminded us of that INVADER strategy. Once we implemented the strategy, it was nothing but nade-drops, missile magnets and boucy-rickashades to the tunnel invaders and portal meds. Let it also be known that Dario was the flagger through this entire victory, and he did not disappoint.

Tigur: For always being Dario's butt buddy. He was always the cubby-hole protector for Dario and was able to do his job superb. He knew what he had to do and never changed his course.

Bile/Otacon: For guarding the top and right side of the base. The tunnel-crawlers were scared shitless when they saw these names... some of them even turned back and started firing at their own teammates in confusion!

ReV: My right-hand man. He and I attacked the portal with ease. He would shoot lasers and I would finish it with a missile. I may have had 66 kills but much of them came from the work of ReV. When we eventually did port, he was my Robin, as we just annihilated the so-called presidents.

I believe the climax of the game was when we were up 4-2-2-1, and we got attacked from all corners. Much of the attack was coming from the north as the *entire green army came down and finished us off pretty good. We ended up not getting the flag in time but right before we died, we quickly hit them with the Memory Charm, and we made them believe they were playing Deathomatic. A'las, they didn't get the flag in time either and met us in the pen as the game continued on. This was a great reminder for them, to Fear the one and true team. It was after this point in which green completely avoided our base, which helped us ease into victory.

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ReV n00b
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Ty Batman Smile CTA STAFF FTW

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09-15-2014, 01:06 PM #3
oTaCon AC Administrator
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I think the turning point was when ReV reminded our team to save up our nades.

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09-15-2014, 04:05 PM #4
Yosh Forum Administrator
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- e p i c g a m e -


09-16-2014, 04:55 AM #5
Bile n00b
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Ya great advice ReV LOL, good post turbo!
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09-16-2014, 06:09 AM #6
ReV n00b
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LoL in my mind i allways have nades Smile

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