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A look at our game today
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09-23-2014, 11:27 AM #31
CloudS Still n00b
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I wish I read all of hyb's post. Looks like he put a lot of time into it.

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09-29-2014, 01:22 AM #32
InSoMnIaC Still n00b
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players who take the most damage also require the most healing (vulching) which is detracting from the healthpool. unless it is absolutely neccesary to rush and possibly die, being patient will reap better benefits and keep players healing across the board. overfragging is bad, shooting at every smoker you can is a mistake. how many times have you killed someone when you didnt need the health? where could that have gone? how many times did a round get lost because you rushed and got 99% of the way and died. and was it your fault for taking too many meds?

oh and i'm not saying i dont get fragging eyes during a game, its hard not to light em up while they're susceptable. but usually after a heavy frag period the team doesnt get anywhere unless the chain continues, and in those moments the game gets progressively harder as time passes
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11-13-2014, 08:51 AM #33
Fudorm n00b
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In my humble opinion, i'm very over rated. Their is no reason I should ever be above 1500 rating. Regardless of stats, win percentage is most important, and thats an area which I need to improve in.

11-14-2014, 09:42 PM #34
A MF S Still n00b
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I just realized this is a really long post. And, if you have ADD and are unable to read it all skip down to where it is split off by the underscores.

Never saw this post before till fud posted in it. Normally I am not one to say anything. But, I am drunk, drank two cups of coffee to get home and willing to give my 2 cents.

From my reading of all four pages many are still thinking in the mindset of "ultimate team" and not "best team scenario". Is it true having a team of high DR will win against a team that has high win%? Yes obviously. But, you have to think outside of the box when it comes to cta. And CTA is what we are talking about, not what team you would want to take to an APL.

People who say win% does not matter is fooling themselves. let me make big notes on it **************Yes I am going to talk about myself and others like me**************. I agree with hyb in the aspect that a high win% means something. I am not sure about the others on that list. But, I know cyro and myself for sure are willing to take damage to further a teammates position so that they can take over a position. In many games I will shoot another player and shoot down a tunnel, stronghold to be the most, to get someone to follow me. Reason being? I will take that initial damage so that the person behind me can come in full health and light them up, at best the enemy will be weakened at worse it is a battle between two full opponents and the enemy is out of ammo.

Not even in just tight maps like that. In a little bit more spaced out maps like joy, I would be more then willing to be overly aggressive in some spots if it meant forcing one of the opponents good players into a bad spot. As I know that my value raises if I am able to push one of the opposite teams higher value players into a bad spot to take more damage then they normally would and in the end benefits my team far more then staying back and waiting for one of my team top players to overcome one of theirs.

Do I think high win% to be the most important? No. And, probably the least important. But, thinking in the mindset of best team scenario to win a cta having a high win% "low teir"(low DR or KD) player vs having that player that has neither is more important. Which I think is the point hyb was trying to make.

Rating system wise. I am not sure what the current rating system is at. I was told it was based on win%. That does not seem accurate. However, reading this thread has made me realize the importance of different aspects of CTA for winning. It seems as if the team with a high win% and high DR would win out more often then not. If there was a way to develop an algorithm that set certain players into already determined categories and made a mixture of them.

Not sure if I need to elaborate or not. But, I am drunk and why the fuck not.

perhaps an algorithm of whatever your highest stat is you are drafted into that category.

For eaxmple, going off hyb's original post.

Fiya, cast, Sam, and lugz would be in one category for highest win.
kenf, dop, vent, and blood would be for RWR.
tobia, sam( here comes in the tricky part), pf, and dream for k/d.
fud odo ela and tobia for DR.

Now if a person is rated higher in one category than the other then they are deemed to be in the best category as they are more valued for it. Though if they are tied in second, as I think sam was, then obviously one category would have to be deemed more important then the other.

I think what I am getting at is instead of having a "number rating system" we have a "position drafted system." So instead of having an number rating we have drafted players in certain positions.

I suppose this makes me think of fantasy football. every player is rated from who will get you the most points to none. But, their position, at times, means more. In my league, QB's get the most points. But, having that great RB or WR makes a huge difference when the points are tallied.

The only downside I can see to this is that on the computer coding side you would have to take into account of what players are actually playing that current game and have to determine on the spot of what category each player is in. Though thinking about it I suppose you could just give each player an array of ratings on each category and when teams are set they take them into account.

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