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Some Thoughts After Being Away For A Couple Weeks
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Springguy, put tengo's approach and demeanor aside for a second. I've been curious about this subject for a long time. Maybe it's much simpler than I make it out to be. I'll use you as an example though since you responded in here, if that's ok. If not, do not respond I suppose.

When I was a lesser known sub-par player, whenever I played with the very best players, or even just better players than myself, I always watched to see what they would do. That's how you learn. If one of them gave me advice, I accepted the fact I wasn't as good as them and I'd listen. Not to pat myself on the back, because I think many people could accomplish this, but doing so I quickly improved. Much faster than most.

A brief history on myself to further elaborate what I'm talking about here. I came back to arc around 2005 from a couple year hiatus, and joined NiN. I wasn't very good. I quickly surpassed everyone in NiN, because they all had attitudes like "I'm always right, I know what I'm doing". They were actually dogshit. I was the only one who accepted I was dogshit though. I left and joined SI. Most people in SI were equal or better than I was. I quickly surpassed everyone in SI. They too would argue anytime someone tried correcting them, as if they were all-knowing. I left and joined CEO. That lasted maybe a couple months, because Fordus was still a dickhead back then and fucked us over, so CEO died. Then TBWA. So in a span of 4-5 years with very few clans, I went from a low tier clan to a top tier clan, arguably even the best clan minus whatever clan Mage was in.

So my own backstory makes me wonder sometimes. Why do lesser players get so defensive if someone better offers advice? Forget how they relay that message to you. There's no need for you to be sensitive about it just as much as there is no need for them to act like a dick about it. "I've played longer than you"... what does that mean or have to do with anything? There are lots of people who have played a long time and are very mediocre players still today. I'm not trying to be a dick here either, just curious if you can enlighten me on your thought process on this subject. When someone better offers advice, what makes you hesitant to listen? Is it you denying they're better than you, and you actually know better than them? Do you indeed know they're better, but ignore it anyways for some other reason? To spite them? Is it pure frustration because you're losing?


For the record, this has always been one of my main issues about CTA by the way. I don't think the environment caters to improving players as opposed to other types of competitive play. You may learn some basic mechanics of the game, but then you plateau as an average player AT BEST. Not much thinking in depth occurs in CTA.
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