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Some Thoughts After Being Away For A Couple Weeks
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Well I'm sure I've played Insight numerous times, but I admittedly don't remember map names all that well. So I'm not putting much emphasis on what you should or shouldn't do in Insight. My questions were much more general. I was wondering why a better player can tell you something and in turn, you react the way you did apparently.


1) Playing for fun, and along with this sometimes comes lack of motivation to improve? "I don't give a fuck" approach more or less.

2) Highest winning percentage for you personally in that map, so in some sense you correlate that to you having a good understanding of the map and know what to do while playing in it. Your knowledge of the map > Tengo's advice to you.

Any one else care to chime in?

Oh, and tengo was being a dick unnecessarily. Also, PitchblackItai is as weird and creepy as they come. He has like a Michael Jackson complex, and it's really not a laughing matter the likelihood that he's a child molester.
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