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11-06-2014, 02:22 AM #1
TripodBilly n00b
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I made a new map but need several to try it out so I will know if there are any bugs or problems with it.
The map is a FRAG map. Does not have any flags or switches. You only have access to half the map. It is similar to real DodgeBall. To start the game the hold time is 3 secs. IF YOU DIE, you sit till the end of the round. You cant come back in until after the round (Timer is set to 999999 so if it hits that you will be able to come back in but that shouldn't happen). I change some of the settings for the weapons. There is also a REPAIR pad in the center of each side to regain health but it is in a danger area so do at your own risk. I also slightly increased the Health Bonus you receive after making a kill.
I need at least 4-6 or more to try it so we can see if the timer works right.
The name of the Map is

if anyone is able to get a game going and able to try it out please let me know how it does and maybe make suggestions for it to improve. Thanks

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