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Bone's Pre-Tournament First Glance: From A to Z v1.0
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So before this shindig kicks off, I must say that this tournament looks promising. By promising, I mean more competitive than usual. There's a handful of teams with strong/equal potential. It's all going to come down to activity and motivation from each team though of course, because what you look like on paper means jack shit. MY opinion at first glance is as follows, and let's face it, that's the only opinion that matters (besides Predator, check his shit out too. straight cash homie). First up, team analysis (in order of sign-ups):

Arts of ARC (AoA)

Current roster: Drue, Tengo, LuNu, Endo, Acid

So this is basically the same core as it has been lately. Nothing new and unknown about it. Their roster first was "Drue, Tengo, LuNu, Endo, +1" We all know the +1 was Lunu praying ElAsesino came around so they can add him. That's the only shot this team had at winning the whole thing. He must've failed contacting him or ElA said get fukt. So now they added Acid as the 5th person. That changes them from contender to pretender. No back to back league wins for this team.

RELEVANT PLAYERS - Drue and Tengo have to show up every game if they want to win anything at all.
BEST CASE SCENARIO - I can see them ending up like 3rd or 4th if all goes right. Lunu won't give up on ElA all season long though.
WORST CASE SCENARIO - This team might have the biggest potential peak/bottom. If Drue and Tengo aren't in every game... they'll probably lose to RS, PV, etc.

Confederate arcing Deadeye Fighters (CaDF)

Current roster: Tobiashi, 1strule (Sebek), Parrotman, Astrok, Turbo

This is the team to beat. They'll play it down though. Sebek will say stuff like we haven't played serious since SPL, and that they got beat in ACHT. Blah blah fuckin blah. Play the underdog card, whatever. They're the deepest team, with Turbo being the 5th and most significant drop off point on their roster. Even he is better or as good as most peoples backups. They've played the longest together, which matters. This isn't some team put together randomly that's never played together before. The only way they COULD/SHOULD lose is if Turbo is in their 3v3 lineup. Even then, a team will have to step it up because Tobiashi/Sebek can probably carry that. Parrotman will be the legend that he is every time he plays. Although, I was devastated earlier this year when I learned that he was asian. For years I've thought he was some white guy dominating all this time, but whatever.

RELEVANT PLAYERS - Anyone not named Turbo
BEST CASE SCENARIO - It's win or bust for this team. They should win.
WORST CASE SCENARIO - They'll make the finals still. They should win though.

Violent (V)

Current roster: Faur, TerroR, Genocide, Fight3r, Nas

Did you even doubt they'd sign up? They quit maybe a couple months ago in a fit of rage in their BPT loss, proclaiming they were done with this game. These guys are absolute clowns. That being said, they're similar to CaDF. They play together all the time, and they use the same 3 or 4 players exclusively. They recently added Nas back to the roster to join Faur, Terror, Genocide, and Fight3r. Nas is under the impression he's going to 1) play and 2) dominate. Well 1) not in any game that matters and 2) not at all. They should get to the semis, or even finals. They'll lose though. They are notorious for never getting over the hump. The one thing that helps this league as opposed to recent ones, some of these maps are a little more suited for them in comparison to maps like BFD etc. Fight3r can tape down his back up key and have at it.

RELEVANT PLAYERS - Nas. Just kidding.
BEST CASE SCENARIO - Potential finals team. No real threat to win it all though. There are just some teams not meant to win. This is one of them
WORST CASE SCENARIO - They forfeit every game because they pull the same pussy shit with scheduling they always do.

Lagnaders (LN)

Current roster: BONEBABY, Laernu, Predator, Niveus, Getaway

OUR team. My ngaz and I. We're going for the gold, a la 3MSL. Really though, we aren't delusional. Roster wise, we aren't as potentially strong as most. I'll have to play most every game for us to have a chance, as well as Unreal. Which may prove difficult, as unreal's scheduling isn't ideal. That being said, we are possibly the most motivated team in this tournament. There's a shit list we update daily, and it's getting big. Don't sleep on Niveus though either. LN is most likely the most unknown team in the sense that LN's come and they go. So our roster is far from set in stone, and could change quite often.

RELEVANT PLAYERS - Really everyone, because we'll probably use everyone.
BEST CASE SCENARIO - It wouldn't shock me to beat teams we aren't "supposed" to beat, especially if it's Unreal, Niveus, and I. LN could finish middle of the pack after all said and done.
WORST CASE SCENARIO - There's only like 2 teams that are guarantee wins for us, so all of the rest are potential losses.

Death Corps (DC)

Current roster: Worker8 (Fordus), Orlandu (Dave), Dream, Dario

My TBWA brethren + The proper sentence god, Dream. Fordus had to have come up with this team name, because it's terrible. CEO I liked, I'll give him credit for that, but he should be the last person picking team names. So this might be the hardest team to judge because you really aren't sure what you are going to get. Since I know Ford, the mere fact he signed up means he's taking it serious. He'll be playing A LOT. He'll do a full analysis on every map used in this tournament, if he hasn't already. The major question marks are Dave and Dream. Dream hasn't played with these guys, so will he mesh well or not at all? Can he take criticism? Fordus isn't the same rager he used to be, but he'll still offer advice when sees something that needs correcting. Dream can be defensive sometimes. Then which Dave are you going to get? Dave is a god, if he wants to be. He potentially can be the best player on this team, if the effort is there. Dario claims he'll never play, but he's irrelevant either way. He better pray he doesn't play though because I will absolutely beat the bejesus out of him. By playing though, he'd give up what he does best. Claim his dominance over everyone, but never ever play and prove it.

RELEVANT PLAYERS - You know what you are going to get from them all, except Dave. To win it all, Dave has to be the man.
BEST CASE SCENARIO - One of the only realistic shots at beating CaDF if they're on point.
WORST CASE SCENARIO - Their potential doesn't come to fruition, and they just look like old players who haven't played for quite awhile. They're a playoff team no matter what.

Reign Supreme (RS) - DeathRoster

Current roster: Kweli, Bile, Coldfire, Hunter, Cartman

By DeathRoster, I assume they mean this is their serious team trying to win games. Looking at their other roster, that's probably a safe bet. No one person in particular stands out above the rest. They're just average players, and that's what they'll end up being after all is said and done. Definitely capable of winning some games vs LN/PV under the right circumstances, but I don't expect this team to be consistent and a real playoff threat by season end.

RELEVANT PLAYERS - Hunter, because he's their best player. Probably the most inactive out of these 5 though too. Unfortunate.
BEST CASE SCENARIO - Middle of the pack, like PV and LN. Can't compete with anyone above that.
WORST CASE SCENARIO - Well they can't lose to MS or Fckd, so there's that.

Reign Supreme (RS) - ACG Liberation Front

Current roster: Xet, Sin (Loki), Zeus, Oroshi, Stunna

Nice to see a clan utilize all of its assets, and get everyone involved. Although, this is probably the only clan actually capable of creating two teams as of right now. Comparing this roster to the other RS team, it's looks like this one is the one with lesser expectations. Loki is probably the best player on this team, even capable of being bumped up onto the real RS team. Maybe activity is a question mark for him. Not expecting this team to win many games, besides the obvious two weaker teams signed up. Fuck them though for making me write up two things for the same clan.

RELEVANT PLAYERS - Loki, because I feel he can easily be swapped out for Bile or Cartman on the real RS team.
BEST CASE SCENARIO - This is the most clear cut team in the tournament. They're worse than everyone, except MS and Fckd.
WORST CASE SCENARIO - Their worst case scenario is the same as their best case scenario.

MotherShip (MS)

Current roster: NormL, InSoMnIaC, 20lbGenitals, Tigur

I feel so bad for Tigur. Why does he do this to himself? This team is just horrifically bad. NormL is one of those guys you cringe if he's on your CTA team. Will 20lbGenitals even be unbanned long enough to play? InSoMnIaC, by default, is somehow the best player on this team. That's not saying much. You just don't have any idea what's going to happen when he's playing, There's the potential he's drunk (still pretty bad sober, let's face it). Is SHIPslayer really playing on his name (even worse)? Is he actually trying to focus for once in his life, but he gets distracted because SHIPslayer is in the background mumbling incoherently, while stumbling around on her crutches because she "fell down the stairs"? There's just not high hopes for this team.

RELEVANT PLAYERS - Anyone who can manage to show up so they don't forfeit
BEST CASE SCENARIO - They can win MAYBE 2 games all season. MAYBE.
WORST CASE SCENARIO - They'll forfeit every game, which might just be easier for all the other teams participating.

Project Vision (pv)

I perceive pv as more of a CTA map type team. They'll be better suited in the smaller maps this league, like Joy and Stank. They'll drop off significantly in the other maps. This is probably the biggest one man team in this tournament as well. Depending on who else they add, this is a completely different (weaker) team minus Benevolence. Going to be hard having a successful season with that hanging over your head. Have to question their motivation as well, since they stated all along they had no desire to sign up and play, yet they did.

Current roster: Cyro, EeKuM, Benevolence, MrGoodCat, and someone else (the suspense is killing me)

RELEVANT PLAYERS - Benevolence, because a lot of people struggle hitting him, but I feel this isn't as much an advantage in some of these more open maps compared to CTA.
BEST CASE SCENARIO - Fighting for the last playoff spot.
WORST CASE SCENARIO - They're a 7th or 8th place team potentially if Benevolence doesn't play quite often.

Fckd (Idk if this is a clan tag or what)

Current roster: Castiel, Springguy, Tadija, Esper

The only thing fucked about this team is this team. Tadija from NoF? Doomed. Castiel? Double doomed. Esper aka Atropa? Nas, call this dude's mom again. I don't know if she's aware her boy is playing arc again. I know Springguy thinks he has an all-star in Atropa, since he likes to change his rating to 1800 in CTA games for no apparent reason at all. Truth is though, he hasn't played in FOREVER. When he did play, he was mediocre. This team will battle it out with MS for the worst of the worst. That is, if they manage to stick it out all season long. These free agent teams don't usually pan out. Lack of communication with each other and lack of loyalty to each other. Free winz y'all.

BEST CASE SCENARIO - They beat MS in some real interesting games to watch. I almost want to ref these games between them.
WORST CASE SCENARIO - Forfeit city or last place.

Memento Mori (MM)

Current roster: slucket(?), Croa, Ryder(?), Tempest, Akma

I'm going to pretend I know who the fuck slucket and Ryder are for the purpose of this write up. I'll assume those 2 are Scarface and Bacon. Back when MM used to play, they were a 2nd tier clan behind the likes of the TBWAs and CaDFs. On par with Violent around the time. Which in today, I feel is stronger than in the past. Tengo says this isn't 2009, so I guess we'll see. If they get active though, they'll be a worthy opponent for most. The lag is real.

RELEVANT PLAYERS - They're all very inactive and similar skill levels, with the exception of Akma. So Akma is the only one that makes a difference.
BEST CASE SCENARIO - This team could surprise people. I mean, 3 of their guys have blue or red dots. That's like PV having 3 Benevolence playing. Teams are going to struggle against that. A 3rd or 4th place finish wouldn't be unheard of.
WORST CASE SCENARIO - Like TBWA team, they just don't regain their skill levels before going inactive. Still a playoff team.


Now, this early on, it's a real son of a bitch trying to predict what's going to happen. So many potential factors to consider, and so many teams near the top close in skill levels. CaDF CAN be beat, but shouldn't. I can see AoA, MM, Violent, and DC all beating each other any given time. LN, PV, and RS (DeathRoster) are totally capable at pulling off some upsets. I'll take a stab at it though:

My ACTUAL pre-season predictions:

1. CaDF - Team to beat
2. DC - By season end, they get it together and mesh enough to make finals
3. V - Good enough to beat everyone else
4. MM - The laggers will wreak havoc
5. AoA - No ElA, No Bueno
6. LN - Das rite, motivation is a son of a bitch
7. PV - Default better than the rest of the teams
8. RS Deathroster - Don't see them having enough firepower to place ahead of anyone listed above them here.
9. RS Not so Deathroster - Respectable a 2nd team can be made out of the clan. Not good enough though.
10 and 11. I really have no fucking clue between the MS and Fckd juggernauts.


Now theres a whole other list I personally go off of, and that's who I'm amped to play against and who I don't really give a fuck about.

My level of disgust for teams:

1. PV - I'm looking forward to these games the most. There's a rivalry for the ages brewing. Won't say anything else. Let the results do the talking.
2. AoA - I don't think anyone outside of AoA likes AoA. Hell, AoA probably doesn't even like AoA.
3. V - BY FAR the biggest pussies on this game.
4. DC - Had to do it. Ford/Dave are cool. Dream makes me want to puke the way he types. Dario is the biggest scumbag alive and atop the shitlist.
5. MM - Move to America
6. RS DeathRoster - I can't say I really like them, and wanted to put them higher. There's just so many though.
7. CaDF - Actually most of them are alright, nothing to bitch about. One exception, Tobiashi and his god complex. Speak for fuck sake.
8. RS Not so DeathRoster - I actually like you guys more than the other RS team, as long as you show up. Respectable not expecting to win and still play.
9. MS + Fckd - No point signing up if you don't play. Can't hate them really though, like hating a special ed kid.


Next up: Most Likely To. You all remember that shit from high school year books right? Well this is that, only ACG style.

Most likely to give up: All of Violent. This team has had it easy the last 2 or 3 leagues where competition has been lackluster. They don't lose much in the regular season. They're also the weakest team mentally though out of the top teams in this tournament. A few tough match-ups early on with some losses, and it's not unlikely that they start the "we don't give a fuck about arc" talk and start trolling.

Most likely to be irrelevant but talk shit: Lunu. I had no idea who Lunu was before coming back to ARC last year. Then in BPT he played the 2nd least amount of games for their team, yet was the first and only one asking where his BPT icon was at the end of the season and proclaiming how dominant he and his team were. You'd think he's the second coming of jesus in CTA games. AoA's whole season falls on Drue and Tengo, not this guy.

Most likely to surprise everyone: Fordus. I think most people accept he's an above average player, but that he also hasn't played for quite awhile and don't see him as being a top player anymore. That's partially true. Nobody understands the effort he'll put into this though. There's probably nobody taking this more serious than he is.

Most likely to cheat: CloudS. So this guy used to spike every single game he was in. You couldn't go into a CTA game where people weren't bitching about him. Then prior to BPT starting, I made the statement I was considering prematurely suspending him, so his spiking wouldn't disrupt games. I didn't, and do you know this fuckboy never spiked a single game from that point on? Like magic. Coincidence? Better watch this guy.

Most likely to suffer, but be so nice about it still: Tigur. Nothing phases him. I still can't get over the MS association he voluntarily puts up with. What a stand up fucking guy. Kudos sir.

Most likely to not read this article, because he's too busy stealing the prize money: Assailant. Too soon?

Most likely to be offended by this article: RS. CloudS and RiddeN are so sensitive and defensive it isn't even funny. Although, by saying this, I'm potentially stopping them from saying anything at all now. I'm interested in seeing what transpires.


I'm tired of writing now, but more to come as the weeks carry on. Much of the same, all new shit, etc. This mind never stops. Keep an eye out folkz. Shout out to my boy predator and LN. We were born to rise.

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God tier.


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Great read Bone.

I admit, I was really uninterested in playing in ACG but the write-ups by you and Pred got me all ripped. Bout to take off LN's head but first I'll start by breakin' some BONEs BABY.
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Hahah the Parrotman, InSo, Fighter, and Assailant parts had me laughing. Good stuff

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Cant wait to destroy LN .. Hope you guys practice. Fuel the fire

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Lmao love it

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Yermom is a pussy.

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Made TWO "Most Likely To" lists, FUCK YES.

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lol "call this dude's mom again. I don't know if she's aware her boy is playing arc again"

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Great post!

My prediction:
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