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niveus AC Developer
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The Armor Critical Leadership Team has total discretion to determine whether any thread or post merits correctional actions such as locks, warnings, bans, or otherwise.

These rules apply to all posts in this forum, and it is your responsibility to read them. This thread serves as your only warning, and you may be warned and/or banned at our full discretion for violating any rule in this thread.

1. Avoid posting anything that does not contribute to normal, reasonable, on-topic discussion on these forums. That includes, but is not limited to:

- All-caps thread titles and/or all-caps posts (unless specifically applicable to the subject of the thread)
- Avoid posts that don't add anything to the discussion. Don't waste people's time by posting meaningless short replies like "ok" "lol" "haha". They will be removed.
- Alternating caps and lower-case thread titles or posts (eXaMpLe)
- Rickrolling
- Posting "Banned," "Locked," "Enjoy your ban," "This will be locked," or anything similar.
- Do not "break" the page width or forum formatting by repeating or special characters
- Posts that attempt to "catch attention" by using all-caps, false hyperlinks, or all-bold/italics/underline.
- Any other post that does not contribute or encourage normal, intelligent, on-topic discussion as determined by any member of the Armor Critical Leadership Team.

2. Be patient with newcomers. Don't forget that you started out as a newbie too.

3. Do not flame.
"Flaming" is the act of attacking or insulting a person who posts, rather than the ideas expressed within the post itself. Your post should remain on-topic and focused on the subject matter of the thread rather than any individual user.

4. Do not troll. Do not feed the trolls!
Trolling is any post designed to evoke an emotional or flaming response instead of an informed, well-reasoned reply. These posts are characterized by broad generalizations and personal accusations about specific people or groups of people rather than a well-reasoned assertion backed up with support.

"Do not feed the trolls" means do not respond to trolling, and is also strictly enforced.

5. "Necroposting" is prohibited.
This is the act of making a non-responsive, repetitive, or off-topic reply in a thread that has been inactive for weeks or months.

6. Do not link to inappropriate websites.
This includes, but is not limited to: sites containing adult content, information on any type of software piracy or shock sites. Violation of this rule results in a permanent ban.

7. Do not use the public forums to run contests (unless related to Armor Critical) or solicit donations.
This forum is for discussion of relevant topics only, not for advertising.

8. No referral schemes.
This includes freeipods.com, freepsps.com, or any other similar scheme in which the poster gets personal gain from users clicking a link.

9. Do not bypass the profanity filter.

10. Threads discriminating groups of users based on age, race, gender, religion, or nationality, are prohibited.

11. No political or religious discussions outside of the "Serious Discussion" forum.
These types of discussions lead to arguments and flaming users, something that will not be tolerated. The only exception to this rule is "Serious Discussion" forum, which exists solely for the purpose of intellectual discussion and civilized debate.

12. No 9/11 conspiracy theory posts.
This type of discussion is not appropriate for these forums. Please do not post about them here.

13. Absolutely no discussion of illicit drug pricing, buying/selling, or manufacturing.
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