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Roster Update Changes
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11-22-2014, 10:08 AM #1
DarkEvil AC Guide
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Hello Pilots,

We're going to be adjusting Roster Updates a little. We feel like there is no need for teams to wait an entire week to get their players playing, captains changed and names changed. We've decided to reduce that cap to 1 day. Daily Roster changes are due at midnight (12:00AM EST), and will not take into effect until the following day.

Example: Team Godoacer adds DarkEvilTheGod - posted on November 28th @ 12:00AM EST. DarkEvilTheGod can not be added onto the Roster until November 29th @ 12:00AM EST.

If there is a match in progress, and a player gets added to the roster during that match, the player will be ineligible to play. Players may only play in an upcoming match if they are added prior to the scheduled start time.

Rule only affects players that are new to the league, transferring players will still have the 1 week penalty in place.
Effective starting Sunday, November 23rd at midnight (12:00AM EST).
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11-23-2014, 07:59 AM #2
castiel n00b
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I propose canceling 1 week penalty for transferring players!

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