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Week 4: Quadraboned!!!
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12-03-2014, 08:57 AM #1
Bone Still n00b
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Now I'm all ripped!!! Let's dive in balls deep, shall we?

1. CaDF

Clean sweep last week against their opponents, pending a MM protest. They'd beat MM anyways. They beat DC with Gamer playing. Real fuckin' cute CaDF. Most notable thing of Week 3 though? They started the train on tengo, and LN came in for the sloppy seconds to finish up the 1-2 punch on tengo and AoA. That's one way to knock off the competition.

Roster Updates - None. If they add ElRollo24 or LoboNetwork next and still win, everyone should just kill themselves.

2. Violent

Week 3 must have been the compare dick size week. Just like CaDF using Gamer, Violent used Arrow vs MM when they had other starters available. Even kept him in after they were losing in that match. Managed to come back and win still. Cockiness to the max. They also beat DC pretty soundly. These teams have been a tier above everyone else, so far at least.

Roster Updates - Nobody. I made the mistake though in saying adding Arrow meant somebody now was worse than Nas on this team. I underestimated how bad Nas is compared to everyone else.

3. LN

Still kicking ass and taking names. Still people doubting. Still lovin' every minute of it. I actually hate that LN is currently this high, because we'd much rather be the underdog. Everyone else's Week 3 though was not very impressive. Albeit a not hard Week 3, LN pulled off a 4-0 result. So far we've managed to win all the games we have to win if we want to get in the playoffs (beat PV again), along with the occasional "upset". The highlight of the week hands down was the comeback against AoA. Down 0-3 at half to win 4-3 in OT against AoA's starting line-up at the time (Drue, Tengo, Endo). Tough Week 4 coming up, although, that's exactly what we want.

Roster Updates - Yoshi. The prodigal son has seen the light and returns to bolster the line-up even further. Sometimes sheep wander from the herd, but Predagod always brings them back. LeBron James doesn't have shit on Yoshi.

4. DC

Overall poor showing Week 3. They only played 3 games due to RS2 dropping out. Managed only 1 win, and that was barely beating AoA 6-5 AFTER tengo quit. They were not able to take advantage of a CaDF line that included Gamer. The Violent game wasn't even close. Those are the two top teams in the league though. However, at some point these guys are going to have to start beating some of these other top teams if they're to be considered a real threat to win it all.

Roster Updates - Tengo. He quit AoA and joined DC. This guy sold his fucking soul for a chance to win. I guess going down with the ship doesn't apply to tengo. Women and children first? Nah, get the fuck out of the way. Baby back bitch.

[Image: oNHvApj.jpg]

5. MM

When I write these things, I always skip MM and save it for last because I don't know what to really say. They're just there. Their silver lining is the fact AoA has shit the bed. That's their biggest competition right now for the last playoff spot, barring any other teams completely flopping. They should be a shoe-in, but who the fuck knows really. They have that forfeit (-1 pts) going against them as well. They did manage to pull of a win against RS this week, which helps. They currently have a protest in against CaDF, which seems viable at first, but we'll have to wait Odoacer's Sherlock Holmes analysis.

Roster Updates - Nobody.

6. RS

Welcome back to Earth. Barely beat PV. Lost to MM. CloudS didn't play in either game. Maybe they feel they're behind the 8-ball now since if CloudS plays and spikes he risks being suspended for the remainder of the season? Rumor has it he has "fixed" it once again though upon receiving threats of disciplinary action. What a fuckin' joke. Either way, his spiking should be a non issue now. Let's see what they really can do. Game on.

[Image: R75UI89.jpg]

Roster Updates - No additions. They lost Bile as well, due to RiddeN being a cunt. Go figure.

7. AoA

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I mean, I don't want to say I told you so, but I fuckin' told you so. From the get go, this team's depth was an issue compared to a lot of the other teams. Throw in the fact they've been accustomed to winning lately and their coveted CTA "dominance" , and you end up with a recipe for disaster. You can tell frustration has been mounting, and this past week was the nail in the coffin. CaDF beat them up rather easily (as they should). Then an hour later, they blew the game against LN after being up 3-0 at halftime. Tengo abruptly removed himself from the roster after that and this team will be lucky to make the playoffs now. They'll have to fight tooth and nail for that last spot.

Roster Updates - Berserk. They had an open roster spot with Tengo gone now. This doesn't make them better at all though.

8. PV

It's over for them. Playoffs won't be happening. Too far to come back from given their remaining tough schedule. They just lack the drive, activity, and team chemistry to take it to the next level. Now it's just a matter if they'll finish out the season strong and shake up the playoff picture, or play like they don't give a fuck and give out free wins.

Roster Updates - Envy. If he plays, they've gone the free wins to everyone route.

9. Fckd

Springguy can sleep better at night now. I've raised them up the rankings. I would have moved them past RS2, even had RS2 not dropped out completely. Their roster has progressively gotten strong throughout the season. However, when you are a stinking pile of dogshit, there is only direction you can go. Kudos for sticking with it though. Don't quit now, PV and AoA are in your crosshairs.

Roster Updates - Bile and Child. Even more depth now, so springguy doesn't even have to play a game.

10. MS

Sporting that 1 in the Win column now. It only took a team to dropout and forfeit to them for it to happen. Nobody has more fun while losing than these guys though. It's as if they almost miss the entire point of competing. Participation awards were created because of teams like this.

Roster Updates -Lol, ya right.

11. RS2

Dropped out. Admiration to the couple that stuck it out the most (Loki/Child). Especially since they aren't even in RS. RiddeN obviously bit off more than he could chew signing this team up.

Roster Updates - They sure could have used some.



Well I was right, but it was way closer than it should have been. DC did beat AoA 6-5 (minus tengo). A win is a win though as far as I'm concerned. DC should be concerned it was that close though. Had tengo still been in AoA, this might've gone entirely different.


This goes hand in hand with above. AoA's sudden plunge into abyss is the biggest news of Week 3. Lost to MM. Lost to CaDF. Lost to LN. Tengo quits. Lost to DC. Your week doesn't get much worse than that. From a solid #3 or #4 team, to struggle to make playoffs. At least there is CTA still to look forward to I guess.


Putting the pressure on LN this week. Faur been talkin' that shit I hear. Claims he's using Arrow against us. That will be a mistake and LN will claim victory in this one. LN over V Week 4.



DON'T WANT TO SEE - CaDF vs V Finals - This is the way it's looking currently. Christ, I fucking hope not. This is the most boring, anti-climatic match-up possible.

WANT TO SEE - LN vs RS series (any round) - Oh god, we hate these fucks. Please let this happen. I thought it was going to be PV prior to the season starting, but that rivalry was just heated words that didn't come to fruition. Nobody can stand RiddeN, but LN in particular loathes him. It's not because he thinks he "says it how it is" or "can be an asshole at times". He's just a fucking idiot, plain and simple. CloudS is just a shady person who (plug your ears Ferguson) is black. Go figure.

DON'T WANT TO SEE - AoA vs anyone at anytime - Their lineup was already hurting. Now, minus tengo, just spare us all and don't even get a playoff spot. Nobody wants to see such a one-sided series.

WANT TO SEE - CaDF win it all (but with Turbo playing a lot) - Not that I really want to see CaDF win, but Turbo has been very counter judgmental regarding my judgments against him. Put up or shut up.

DON'T WANT TO SEE - DC vs anyone in the finals - At the beginning of the season, I predicted they could make the finals as they improved along the whole season. I hope now I'm wrong. Tengo deserves to lose for pulling such a bitch move.

WANT TO SEE - Violent lose at some point - Everything just seems right in the Universe when these guys lose. They've gained the reputation of always getting close but coming up short ever since they became a clan. I will have to question my whole existence if they actually win something.
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12-03-2014, 09:15 AM #2
Fordus Still n00b
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A+ lol. even though I disagree with a bunch of it this was a truly enjoyable read, keep up the good work.

12-03-2014, 09:15 AM #3
Riptide n00b
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These posts make my day. Hilarious reads, and great fuel for rivalries. Adds a lot to the league, IMO. Keep it up man!

12-03-2014, 09:39 AM #4
CloudS Still n00b
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I went through a lot more to try and fix my connection this time than I did last time haha and don't worry bro I was just resting for Week 4. But I admit LN vs RS turning out to be quite an interesting series. Looking forward to our game tonight!
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12-03-2014, 10:13 AM #5
Hunter n00b
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I like the LN crew but I'm pretty sure if you guys don't show a lineup of bone/unreal/yoshi you guys will lose regardless.

Great read though keep it up!

12-03-2014, 10:55 AM #6
Faur Still n00b
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(12-03-2014, 10:13 AM)Hunter Wrote:  I like the LN crew but I'm pretty sure if you guys don't show a lineup of bone/unreal/yoshi you guys will lose regardless.

Great read though keep it up!

they are going to lose either way, just like last time... wonder if we'll get to read a fancy protest from bone again?

12-03-2014, 11:16 AM #7
Turbo AC Administrator
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12-03-2014, 12:12 PM #8
RoboTech Veteran
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Maybe Yoshi is enough to carry the washed up bunch RS has been smacking around. Maybe not. Should be a pretty good game. Most of your context is shit in these reads. Most of the games RS has lost has been by a small amount of points, without our top line, and usually in OT. To me, that says we aren't too bad without our best and with our top the outcome would probably be reversed.

RS2 probably would have survived if yall hadn't stopped me being a larger role in their actions(but rules are rules), and Bile is just a teenage boy who is mad that he didn't start vs more developed clans like MM. Which was the decision of all the leaders. In retrospect what really killed RS2 was Xet's unfortunate change of schedule in week 2, and Oroshi's commitment to finishing as many classes as he can this year. If you look at the rosters we gave both teams a fighting chance with our selections, and we were contemplating sending someone from RS down+picking someone else up, but that's in the past

I'm looking forward to a real write up that doesn't consist of trashing me and Kweli on personal notes, and proves valid in-game theories. Not that it bothers me, but I've seen much worse lag in this league, than Kweli in our game vs LN, ever was lol.

!AoA! needs a new leader more like mangina was. I don't know why they are letting tengo stick around. I think Phot0n would be a fantastic head of clan, with Lunu on his council. Get some pride, leave tengo behind, you have a good base without him.
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If our lives were great we wouldn't need second ones on this hell hole.
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12-03-2014, 01:04 PM #9
tengo Veteran
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# of times Bone mentioned me in his post: 13

Your obsession is obvious, but pulling yoshi from pV is the real bitch move. AoA has made it clear that they don't want to take ACG seriously, and for someone who is constantly outplaying the vast majority of this game on a daily basis (and will continue to do so), I want to focus my efforts with those who share the same goals. Don't be mad because I declined the LN invite.

Nice article though.

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12-03-2014, 01:12 PM #10
CloudS Still n00b
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(12-03-2014, 01:04 PM)tengo Wrote:  # of times Bone mentioned me in his post: 13

me last week rofl

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