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7 Principles from puffyfish
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04-04-2014, 03:45 PM #1
niveus AC Developer
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Quote:The following shit is obvious, but im putting it up here just in case. You should already know it, but if you dont just pretend that you did.
Handles 90% of where you have to go at most times.

1) Principle of Pressure
You are always at least as close as you can be while being able to exert pressure.

2) Principle of Dispersal
The further you are from your partners, the larger the area you are xfiring.

3) Principle of Fighting Dirty
If you want to win, you always want to fight with an advantage. Unload, rape, its all good.

4) Principle of Effectiveness
You have to be effective at all times. If you're smoked and you have no weapons, but the flag run calls for you to not be dead than you better find a way to stay alive while still helping.

5) Principle of the Big picture
You never focus so much on the fight in front of you that you don't realize where everyone is and what everyone is doing at ALL times.

6) Principle of Mobility
If you don't have to be at a specific place to do a specific job, you should always be in the position that nets you the most options (eg. going back to help base or forward to help flag. Usually this will be closer to mid than your other options.

7) Principle of Minimized variability
Having the ability to kill someone when you want is nice, but is even better that you have CONTROL over them. For example, stalling base and keeping him contained in base is control over him. Covering the outside spawn when extracing the flag is control over the spawn and the spawner. Delaying base assault and dispersing as much damage as you can before you start killing would also be the case.
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04-05-2014, 07:01 AM #2
tengo Veteran
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This is the best set of principles in order to better yourself as a player. There are requisites (that I hope to cover soon) such as being able to shoot effectively/accurately and utilizing position. However, the most important requirement to implement the majority of Puffyfish's Principles is that you play larger maps (such as GO) with fewer amount of players . It is also acceptable to organize games with less people in smaller maps, such as Entice and BFD as long as it doesn't exceed a 5v5.

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