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CTA History
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CTA History
What is CTA?
CTA is a body of Armor Critical players that organize tournaments and keeps track of player tournament statistics. The CTA is affiliated with Armor Criticals administration. Although we are not considered part of Armor Criticals staff, we have been granted some administrative privileges to help moderate tournaments. The CTA staff is also known for helping referee leagues in the community such as Gladiators and the Spark Go League.

Mission Statement?
CTA plans to focus on community enrichment. We plan to be at the expense of the public, but at the same time, ensure that the CTA engine is a positive experience for all types of players.

The CTA organization plans to not only hold tournaments for the Spark community but other activities, for example, mini-leagues and mega-tournaments.

History of CTA
CTA was first introduced by Turbo & Birdman in November of 2008. Turbo & Birdman started hosting tournaments together 2-3 times a month. Nothing was very organized, and they didn't have a site or even CTA forums so everything was pretty much done on the Spark-HQ forums. They were both surprised with the amount of players that wanted to participate in the tournaments. Around December, Birdman became preoccupied with extracurricular activities and soon became inactive. Turbo then started up SparkNebula with Tigerbite, who was also known as Prophet.

Prophet setup a nice website and with their own CTA forums. They both worked very well together, it was CTA's beginning, and they were hosting around a 5-10 tournaments a month. They were marketing CTA very well and mostly everyone in the community knew what CTA was about.

After a 6-8 month partnership with TigerBite, Turbo turned to a new partner, the post-o-matic ReaperCharlie. Charlie developed a website and with the help of Teddy, that had the first true scripted statistic spreadsheet.

In 2010 Turbo constructed the Board of Directors. The people involved were Fingers, Static, Halow & Turbo.
Fingers was a Spark Guide and had helped CTA an enormous amount. Aside from managing numerous tournaments, he also hosted the New Jersey server which was widely used. Fingers provided CTA and Spark with a ventrilo voice-chat client, which was highly recommended for all users as it increases the excitement of the tournaments. Halow developed a professional website and a script for statistics. He continued to amaze everyone with the statistics he introduced into CTA. Halow made the referees job easier by helping minimize errors. Static was one of the longest CTA staff members, it was astonishing how much Static accomplished on the back end. Static's primary job was to manage the daily operations and make sure the staff was more than capable of managing tournaments. Static also made sure that the CTA participants are abiding by the CTA rules on our website.

After Spark transitioned to Armor Critical, for an extended amount of time the CTA website and scripts that Halow worked on went missing. Anyone that was in a position of power for CTA had gone inactive. These were dark times for the game as the combined effect of the transition and absence of CTA had caused an ultimate low in activity on the game. This is when Cyro managed to get a hold of the CTA stat pulling script and built a new website from the ground up with help from Remag. CTA was approaching a new with the new Board of Directors, consisting of Cyro, Niveus and Benevolence.

As the Board was working diligently on getting the game active again, the domino effect they created, helped resurge Spark Guides and Administrators back to the game to help lead once again, one of them being Turbo. Turbo has always been passionate about CTA and after a couple weeks, requested to be part of the Board to help lead the team to success. At this time, cyro stepped down from the board to focus more on Spark coding. In his stead, DarkEvil assumed his position, who was a key contributor in CTA's success during the beginnings. The Board currently consists of Benevolence, DarkEvil, Turbo and Niveus.
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04-04-2014, 07:26 PM
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RE: CTA History
Amazing to see how far CTA has come since the beginning when turbo n myself started it back in 2008. Nice to see it has stayed alive this long. From something so random, to a full on site with a rating system. Who would of thought.
05-12-2017, 12:34 PM
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RE: CTA History
(05-12-2017, 12:34 PM)Birdman Wrote:  Amazing to see how far CTA has come since the beginning when turbo n myself started it back in 2008. Nice to see it has stayed alive this long. From something so random, to a full on site with a rating system. Who would of thought.
Same here Birdman.. who would have thought indeed.

Spark Administrator
Founder of CTA and Gladiators
05-29-2017, 05:21 AM
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