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Merry Boning and Happy Holidays
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Bone Veteran
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So, with all 6 playoff teams now confirmed (CaDF, LN, Violent, DC, MM, and RS as they currently stand), it's time to start looking toward the playoffs. Not all the seeding has been completely locked in as of yet, due to Violent still needing to play 5 games (CaDF, LN, RS, AoA, PV) from last week's schedule. For that reason, I'm not doing a power rankings this week. Only one thing really would likely have changed from last week anyways. Over the break, once the playoff series are determined, I will likely break down the first round match-ups. I couldn't leave you guys completely hanging though, so I decided to still dish out a little material until that time comes. Wait, hold on... wtf is this... disturbing images coming in from Violent's skiing trip..

[Image: b514d5e9aa610b7b97eb2b51b961f043.png]

Awkward. Well, you heard it here first folks. Suspicions confirmed.


The BONEheads

So last week, I started the BONEhead Play of the Week. It was the first time really in ACG that I kept an eye out for potential candidates. I'm not sure if I'm just looking closer now, or if this past week in particular was just the BONEhead week in general, but there was quite a few solid plays to pick from. So, I called up my good friend 2 Chainz to deliberate over which one to pick, and this is what he told me.

I didn't quite understand at first, but I think he meant they all deserve a shout out. SO I'M LIKE "WHAT UP BONEHEADS."





MS/SHIPslayer Update

During this ACG, we've all bared witness to the worst team possibly ever assembled. MS is as much of a free win as there ever has been. Not much really to even write up about the clan ran by InSo. So, most of ACG, we've been left pondering more so about SHIPslayer's whereabouts, and what impact she may have on the MS team. InSo has managed going all season without being banned, largely in part due to SHIPslayer not logging on all ACG thus far.

Now, it has been well documented the beatings SHIPslayer has endured at the hands of InSo. It very well may be the only thing he can beat. InSo is not shy admitting he slaps her around from time to time, when he feels it is necessary. He has the police record to prove it. Why the sudden complete disappearance of SHIPslayer though right before ACG started? Coincidence, or something else entirely? What lengths would this man go to to ensure his capability of playing this ACG season? The horrific truth might shock you. Check out InSo's recent response to skriLLa when skriLLa had to abruptly leave the RS/MS match due to his wife.

[Image: eb80a01ff4f32e61e0fed55db86341b9.png]

Someone alert the authorities. R.I.P. SHIPslayer. If there was anyone on the planet capable of loving the schizophrenic mess known as denfer (envy), it was likely you. You were a... unique... individual. There will never be anyone like you again. That's for damn sure.



sym·met·ri·cal - adjective - \sə-ˈme-tri-kəl\
: having sides or halves that are the same : having or showing symmetry

[Image: 158a562195a6fb409b3555f3a06e69f1.png]

Image of the map "Joy"
[Image: 907912e9836002d515c5be13baf648e7.png]

Tengo about the map "Joy"
[Image: 7a34721eed9822adb9ee9067f05c28ec.png]

That's like saying Clouds is nearly white, or RiddeN is nearly a genius. Not even close.


Holiday Break - SFL???

So with the regular season almost complete, we have a couple week break upon us prior to the start of playoffs. Most of us will be enjoying our Christmas and New Years. CloudS will be doing whatever they do for Kwanzaa. ARC won't be completely dead though. Before I get into that any further, though, you need to check out this next clip.

So, consider this my official challenge to any teams delusional enough to step up against us. LN will gladly shit on any SFL team assembled. Consider yourself warned though, it's going to be a blood bath.

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Yosh Forum Administrator
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I'd just like to say that pass wasn't as easy as it looked. Bone was completely off my screen whenever i let the nade go. Just perfect routerunning and chemistry.


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CloudS Still n00b
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Riptide n00b
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This whole post was hilarious. The "Bonehead" segment is great, and I look forward to watching more Bonehead plays in the playoffs. Thanks for the work!

Also, if there were any QBs outside of LN I might challenge you guys but I think LN hogs 90% of SFL players.

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DarkEvil AC Guide
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[3:15:11 AM] WhiteWidow : ODO
[3:15:18 AM] WhiteWidow : i just had it ask me a question when I clicked on join game
[3:15:30 AM] Odoacer : huh?
[3:15:43 AM] Odoacer : there's a pill for that

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eekum Veteran
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Dat nade. I don't even remember that. Sad

I wonder if it hit the wall on my screen.

[Image: g3mWN22.png]

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tengo Veteran
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Dear Bone,

[Image: 8SqaNVX.png]

Joy from Green:

[Image: QErCddB.png]

Joy from Red:

[Image: SuqyTQG.png]

A quick glance at the overview shows that Joy has symmetry, although not entirely.

Not sure if your comments about Clouds and Ridden are suppose to be analogies, but your attempt at being clever is a huge fail. I could dive deeper into explaining this to you, but you wipe asses for a living and I don't feel like lecturing you on the concept of logic. I do feel cheated that my 2nd cap over LN extending regulation time wasn't considered a bonehead play, because I was aiming for it. I'll try again next time. :/

12-17-2014, 07:10 PM #8
Bone Veteran
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So sensitive.

LOL @ wiping asses though. Never heard that one before. You're reaching deep to insult my profession as a NURSE (not a CNA, they 99% of the time doing the "ass wiping").

Technically the 2nd cap in our game was a simple mistake by the ref. Time actually expired before our flag was grabbed, and nobody was in your base challenging for your flag either at that moment. Time only continued due to your flag not being capped, so it didn't lock. Had we even pulled off that cap, you guys had an easy and legitimate protest given the fact that the game should have locked and no cap beyond the time expiring should have counted in that situation... for either team.

All in good fun though. I don't why you get so mad so easily. Everyone else enjoys it.
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tengo Veteran
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Lol, relax. Nobody is mad, I generalized your profession in a disparaging manner. Consider it trolling, not actually reaching deep to insult anything.

About the flag, I'm pretty sure the game auto-locks as long as both flags are capped. Fordus was still capping our flag while Dream and I were in your base. I picked up your flag before Fordus capped ours, so there was still a flag in play and the game did not auto-lock. I was well aware of the risks, was looking for that #reward.

Pls stop saying anybody is getting mad simply because they respond to your article. I think it's fair to expect feedback. It would be boring if everyone was quiet. I also felt inclined to correct you since I help people/students learn nearly everyday.
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Nope I encourage responses, but you respond in a butthurt manner each and every time as if you are seriously offended. Then pass it off as "lol im not mad at all." There's no denying that. I haven't seen anyone else take it so personal, nor have I responded to anyone else that responds to these posts. I think mainly because people realize these posts are made in a satirical manner. They aren't meant to be taken seriously. I won't even go into that further though, only derailing my own thread.

As far as our game goes, you probably need to be more aware of the rules though. The game does auto-lock if both flags are capped, yes. Obviously, both flags won't 100% of the time be capped at the end of regulation. It is up to the ref to lock the game at the end if the flag that is uncapped IS NOT actually "in play". If there is no threat to the flag uncapped, the game still should be locked. Fordus was returning your flag, yes. It was in Challenge though, and he was all the way in your base with your flag. We had nobody on that side of the map when time expired. So, yes, the game would/should have been locked at that moment. Before you actually picked up our flag, since that was past the 30 minute mark.

New Clarification of Rule 5.6:

Players will no longer be forced to cap their own flags, but -- if time has been extended by the game's flag-in-play feature -- the referee must lock the game once it is determined that both flags are no longer "in play". A flag is "in play" if 1) it is not on a holder, AND 2) players are fighting in the vicinity of the flag for possession of it. A flag is not in play if 1) it is on a holder, OR 2) players are not fighting in its vicinity for possession of it.

Both yours and our flag at the end of regulation were NOT IN PLAY by the definition set out by the league. So the ref should have locked.
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