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Map of the Month: Re-imagining Golden Oldie for 2015
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01-19-2015, 12:17 PM #1
tigur AC Guide
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Inspiration for this contest goes out to the new 2015 map by Fordus:


Think you can do better than that?

I decided I would like to open the doors to everyone with a critical eye for good map design, overall gameplay and bring fresh air back into the tradition of re-making Golden Oldie that we have seen over the eons!

1) Deciding the starter Go map : The layout of Golden Oldie you can use can start with fordus and puffyfish's SGLGO2011.map, Technique's APL99GO is within Go.map, Goldenoldie.map (Original colored teams by jv), K0rrupt's APL07Pub.map, and many more that I have left out. So, you should make the most of the Map Directory search here to explore interesting designs you might want to implement: http://armorcritical.com/maps

2) Start up the Map editor and get to work: Mapmakers will call the shots how they will want to redesign the map. If there are a lot of changes, expect a lot of criticism and hopefully constructive feedback, and maybe the map itself will become a strong contender to win MotM.

3) When you are finished making the map the first time: Upload the map with the number 2015 somewhere in it and give it an unique name. Get the map tested in CTAs or Pubs, use this period to revise your map as many time as you want before the Deadline. The final product should be posted in this thread before February 15th, 2015. Any modifications to the map after this date will have to be reverted back or uploaded under a different map name.

4) Voting period for the map of the month submissions will begin February 16th through end of February, so the maps can be played and replayed during this period. The first vote will be counted, and only one change of vote is allowed should there be a change of heart.

DISCLAIMER: There is no gaurantee this map would be selected as the next Go League map.

Topic of discussion - I am undecided yet how the map of the month will be selected, so I am opening this up to discussion by ARC community until early February. It is possible to have a group of judges selected, or there might be an open poll vote for players who have played a minimum # of CTA's, or it will be just for everyone. Maybe it will be based on how many CTA's each map have been played and how many times the map was requested. Just post below if you have something in mind.
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