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ACG Finals Report
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01-25-2015, 06:54 AM #1
Fordus Still n00b
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For game 1, V was home and CaDF was away. I asked for maps bans, to which parrotman instantly replied "no bans." CaDF has had no fear all season long and that continued.

V picked GO, and also agreed to play 4v4. I don't know if this was to show that they were equally fearless, but I couldn't believe it. CaDF picked red to start the first half on.

In game 1, CaDF started off a little cold, particularly Astrok (who I think had just woken up). CaDF's superior teamwork prevented V from converting any flag attempt. As the first half was dwindling down, CaDF had just killed V off and were starting a counterpush, but there didn't seem to be much time left on the clock. I don't know if this factored into how V initially played it, but CaDF ended up getting out a very strong flag attempt. The flag was in play so time continued for a while, but eventually V made an exhaustive recovery. 0-0 going into the second half.

By this point, CaDF was picking up momentum. Their teamwork was allowing them to outrape Violent, and eventually they started storming V's base. On a particularly strong attempt, all of V's players were smoked and killed as CaDF moved in and picked up the flag. Faur got a high outside spawh which allowed him to get in front, but Geno got the low outside spawn which was being camped by CaDF's flagging brigade. Here Geno made what I believe was a crucial mistake. He sat by that spawn area, trapped by lasers from both sides, and another enemy not too far off below him...but he sat there for a while. I'm sure he knew he was going to get raped to death and wanted to at least draw CaDF's bombs on him. The problem was, terr0r spawned right there too while he was still sitting in that spot. So now, CaDF was able to rape both of them with ease. If Geno had immediately moved away from the spawn spot, then CaDF would've had to choose between him and terr0r. By this point fight3r was also able to get in front with Faur, but with Geno and Terr0r dying to the rape, they didn't stand much of a chance in green base 2v4. 1-0 CaDF. V was not able to pull anything together with the remaining time (it was about 8 minutes i think). They were able to get a decent flag attempt just as time was running out, Faur was deep in CaDF's base and the other Violents were on the outside. One or two CaDFs were smoking, so it had potential..but I think Geno choked. Geno had a very bad series, seemed like he choked under the pressure.

In game 2, V realized they needed to play 3v3. Surprisingly though, they banned Stank and Joy. I don't know if they wanted to prove something, but this game even moreso than the last proved why you don't want to play vs. Sebek in GO. The game was pretty much the Sebek show. Two things this game - Geno's play continued to deteriorate and he was often just moving in on a smoked CaDF player during critical moments, completely missing everything and eating enough damage to get smoked himself. I believe V made a big mistake in not playing terr0r this game. Even with this, V looked better 3v3 than they did 4v4. Fight3r was playing very well, though you could see the Sebek was getting in V's head...fight3r is known for being too passive at times, and there were a couple of situations where he was afraid to charge a smokd sebek in a 2v1, letting his teammate eat a missile.

At the end of the first half, Violent had a really good flag attempt, which looked like they sealed up...it was only a smoking Sebek in front of the play. For the next 5 minutes, he channeled Mage, not taking a single hit of damage and slowly killing Violent players (mostly Geno) over and over. It was a back and forth series of kills and deaths with both flags close to Violent's base. What should've been a sealed flag run was prevented numberous times through stellar play from Sebek. Finally though, after much torment, V was able to secure it and go up 1-0 as the first half ended.

In the 2nd half, Geno continued to struggle even harder and CaDF capitalized, tying the game at 1-1. I noticed that Geno was finally starting to play better for like 20 seconds, and then after he died he was subbed out for terr0r. I suspect that he knew he was going to sub out and then the pressure was off, and he was able to play better. This is speculation though. Regardless, V put terr0r in. The game was intense and went into OT, and a play ensued where both teams were flagging. Again, Sebek made some exceptional plays that allowed CaDF to emerge with the upper hand. Violent had a very good chance to save the run, as two of them were in enemy base with two smoked CaDF players, but they choked / had a miscommunication of where to rape. Violent looked defeated psychologically, and this series demonstrated CaDF's advantage in experience, poise, and teamwork. Violent is a good team, but they made some critical mistakes in pick/ban strategy, starting lineup decisions (terr0r was definitely top2 for Violent in this series), and Geno having a subpar performance under the pressure.

Finals MVP in my opinion is Sebek.

01-25-2015, 07:13 AM #2
Riptide n00b
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Is it so surprising that V banned Stank and Joy? Those two are the most gimmicky, CTA-like maps in the league which are heavily reliant on spawns and luck. Those two maps are both V and CaDF's weakest / least-favoured maps.

V obviously thinks their best map is GO (likewise for CaDF) and I think they made the right call to play in that map. The smarter call was to play 3vs3 though. I think they knew that they would perform better 3vs3 as opposed to 4vs4, and had the best shot and / or felt most comfortable in their most favoured map.

The outcome might have been different if they had started with Terror from the beginning, but who knows now...

Great summary!

01-25-2015, 12:04 PM #3
Fordus Still n00b
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yes, it is surprising. it doesn't matter whether or not V is GO's best map, what's more significant is that it's CaDF's best map. Think of it like this: If you rated how well a team does on each map, it could be like:


GO: 10
Challenge: 8
Joy/Stank: 6.5


GO 9.0
Challenge 8.5
Joy/Stank: 7

In this case GO would be violent's best map, but it would still be in their best interest to play vs CaDF in a different map. Btw, I'm not saying these are my views on CaDF or V in these maps, was just using this as example of why Radar's logic is flawed.
they ended up losing 3v3 as well though (albeit more closely).

01-25-2015, 12:28 PM #4
Riptide n00b
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I disagree there.

CaDF has a bigger advantage in the more CTA-like maps due to their activity in CTAs and better close-range skills. So if we rule out Stank and Joy, that leaves Bubble, Rev, and Challenge.

With all teams being equally unpracticed and unfamiliar in those three maps, V would be at more of a disadvantage playing CaDF in those maps than playing them on the map that they know but CaDF knows better.

I just have a feeling that CaDF would be quicker to adapt their teamwork to those three maps than V would, hence why they picked GO and banned Stank / Joy.

01-25-2015, 01:43 PM #5
Fordus Still n00b
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You might be right about V's chances in particular maps, I was just pointing out the flaw in your logic. Just because a map might be best for Violent in general doesn't mean it's the best for them to play in against CaDF.

Activity in CTA aka Stank and Joy is not really a big factor. Sure Tobiashi plays those a lot, but so does Faur.

Close range skills argument has some merit, but I don't think the difference in close range skill between the two teams has/had any significance on the series.

In terms of adapting teamwork to unknown maps...that argument also has merit, so in this case I agree with your logic but not the substance. CaDF is more likely to leverage their superior teamwork in a map that is familiar than in a map that is unfamiliar. I could understand the other point of view on this though...A team with better teamwork can better adapt, sure...but the question is can you adapt in time for the game to be won or lost? Whereas in a map that is known, it's pretty much inevitable that if you have superior teamwork, it Is going to have an immediate effect.

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